Guide: Yandere

Today’s lesson is related to an important aspect of the moe subculture.

When defining characters and creating a list of their traits – we can see that video-media, in general, offers a few models that we can see everyday, everywhere [if we know where to look].

One type of anime/video-game character that we can encounter is the yandere-type.

This protagonist is strongly dominated by his/her feelings. His/her emotions are overwhelming and because of this, tragedy could occur. The person we are talking about is crazy in love with another.

With a cute face and an innocence- suggestive personality, this character has two faces. The one that is used in public is not the real one.

For example, if you saw “School Days” you know that being heartbroken can lead to obsessive and desperate acts.

I know many things about this – because I had to deal with a case that implied death over love.

That shit hurts…but you know, he’s gone and she’s still here – doing all that’s wrong.

Anyway, back to our subject.

Even if the characters look harmless, they have an incredible inner-strength. They have a sick subconscious and their mental health is diminished.

So…did you wondered what could your girl do to you if you decide to end the relationship?

Noroi – The Curse [Review]

What I’ve learned from the japanese film industry til now is that if you have a good idea and inspiration while writing a script, this fact could lead to a very impressive production.

Horror movies! Who doesn’t like them? Probably many because are scared, but also many love to found themselves lost into an intriguing and exceptional plot, [mentally] fighting along with the good guys in order to solve the mysteries and bring peace into the story. But this articles will not help you start a debate on how good guys should act to overcome the bad elements…simply because evil is more powerful in this movie.

Noroi – The curse is a japanese production which will make you wonder if those things could happen in real life. Presented as a documentary – a man searching information about some strange happenings and shot mostly in a “Blair Witch Project” style – the movie deals with an ancient demon who can be summoned and used for doing bad things.

In a strange location – existed a very dark ritual which was used to summon the demon Kagubata. One day – this demon [who supposedly must obey the summoner’s orders] – get a chance to become an independent entity and do evil stuff for it’s own pleasure. A priest dealt with this mythical creature and stopped it from ruining this world – but he had to pay with his life for this.

Now, the demon is about to be summoned again.

In the ritual – flesh is involved. The flesh can help the demon to use it’s powers. One of the pieces of this puzzle is about the medium’s strange meals – dead fetuses – that can be used for building a spiritual path – for the demon to come into this world.

Animals are also sacrificed to appease this evil. Pigeons – the element of air and dogs – representing earth are [possibly] linked to the path of this demon. In mythology, dark forces often invade both of them because this thing can lead to total annihilation – a symbol of the Apocalypse.

It’s funny also how the image of ghosts/spirits or whatever those are – are invisible for the human eye but are visible on cameras. Almost all japanese horror products [movies/books] depict similar cases. If you read the Ring or seen Shutter you know what I’m talking about.

It is a good movie though. Really great characters – the journalist equipped with patience and curiosity, the madman able to solve mysteries easier than anyone else, the cutie who has to suffer and the single mother seen as desperate to recreate her own life.




Inspired by – episode number 23 of “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni”

The story goes like this. Rena gets revenge against the women who planned to destroy her family and relationship with her father. She takes the woman to her secret place and kills her by smashing up her head. The man who threatens her father ends up being killed by Rena’s machete. But what’s my role in all of this?

Well, after seeing the episode I found out that this side of Rena is something that I possess.

And I’m not afraid to admit it. Even you’ll think I’m a sick fuck who enjoys killing and mutilating, I’m not that type of guy. But maybe someday I’ll manage to kill your family and mash up their meat and make balls of it and throw ’em from my window after old people saying that I’m giving them free food. I warned you, but you want to continue reading this.

In an exceptional situation, without any real ways of escaping, I would do that kind of thing. If I’d have a gun, I would definitely use it. My fave – shotgun baby. I would blow their head off right at the spot. But I’m not doing that, I was just saying. Chill, homie.

Why I enjoy gore and sadistic productions? Because I’m sick of the gay party movies in which the story sums up to the same old bullshit. I’ve never seen a dead body in reality before – so this could be the reason of me enjoys these things.

I’m not a bad person, trust me. I like doing the right things – helping people, not harming them – even if they don’t deserve it. But one thing that stops me from being a saint it’s my anger. When I get angry, you don’t wanna be near me. Cuz I’ll fucking chop you up.

See? Now you made me mad. Where the fuck is my axe?

[This is a fictional story. Do not eat my shit believing what I said it’s true. Fuckin’ ‘tard.]


This movie involves the biggest mystery of our lives…and that is death. Departures is a japanese production that tells the story of preparing someone for the long journey that happens right after he leaves this world.

The story centers on a young man who feels like in a crisis. He takes the time to meditate about his life and gets to this conclusion – his life til now was meaningless, he never did something for the sake of the world.

Because of some problems, he has to move to the country side [the orchestra in which he was playing the cello has disbanded. Now he must either pay or sell the cello].

He ends up in his old home, an ex-restaurant that belonged to his father.

He saw this ad in the newspaper about a job helping others to travel. Being interested and sure that it has to do something with a travel agency, he ends up in the encoffing business.

The encoffiners prepare the corpses for their last act on this world. They have to dress/clean and reflect the beauty of the deceased. It’s a well-paid job but people soon start to talk shit about it.

The movie reflects also the drama of losing someone. Most of the victims in this film are young, so the tragedy is even bigger.

It’s touching, it has a great soundtrack and it really is a tearjerker.

So, what’s the biggest dream of you for this life…reflect upon that and then try to accomplish it…cuz you’ll never know when it’s time for you to go and you’ll look back and realize that you didn’t do nothing for this world.

Even if you just shared your wisdom with someone, this thing might help one day. It’s even better if you are really into helping those who need a little it of support. Take a good look at you and wonder if that’s really you…