Alter presents: Dizzy

Figure expos seem to bring out for fans all that is best when talking to PVC depictions of anime/game characters.

Recently there’s been made public the newest sculpture of Dizzy [from the Guilty Gears series and with a special apparition in the Queen’s Gate artbooks collection].

And by the look of it – only one word comes into my mind right now – AMAZING.

Just look at the details – the outfit, the well-proportioned limbs and the two entities representing Good and Evil from which Dizzy gains power.

If you played Guilty Gears at least once, you probably know Dizzy can become your favorite character in just a few minutes. Speaking of which – I gotta play GGXX #Reloaded today, just for the sake of seeing Dizzy in action again 😀

Super Soniko Babydoll vers. [PVC]

It’s been a while since I last reviewed some anime figures, but this one was too attractive not to be mentioned in here.

Super Soniko babydoll has two distinctive editions. This one, a lovely character, with a totally ecchi expressiveness, half-naked and ready to…hmm…party?!?

The music is directing her feelings. the cookies make the figure more enjoyable and we have also other cute elements like the cats.

The other edition, the DX, presents a refrigerator, a teddy-bear [not pedo, hopefully] and a guitar.

The association of the guitar with her headphones is amazing.

Other aspects: very interesting choice of hair color [thanks to the creator/illustrator and respected by the manufacturers and producers]. You should totally like the outfit and if you’re up for spending 6630 yens, you should add this to your collection.

Shikinami Asuka Langley – Apron Vers.

Yes – indeed you can enjoy some new Evangelion goodness.

Manufactured by Wave and developed by Yozo Ogawa – this figure brings another note of fan-service in anime series. As you know many characters have a thing for girls cooking. And I can say that in real life the same thing is available.

But wearing an apron over your bra is definitely something anime-inspired. You could observe that in different series. Just ToLoveRu crossed my mind right now.

picture property of hobbysearch –

She looks sweet, with a bit of madness reflected – she seems like she’s going to use that tool as a weapon. Pre-orders are available and the figure will come out in January next year. You can have it for 3825 yens.

Choun Shiryu Figure Review

Griffon Enterprises brings us again some new Ikkitousen goodness.

From the producer Masahiro Yamamoto comes the figure of Choun Shiryu – one of the protagonists of the latest Ikkitousen series – Xtreme Xecutor.

Of course that being related to Ikkitousen, the figure must depict the beauty of the female body.

We have a nice Chinese blue-dress with the clicheic pattern of dragons and of course the white stockings to fire-up the buyer.

I couldn’t help but to observe the details of this figure – I mean I adore that weapon she is holding in her hand. About those closed eyes – the producer maybe wanted it this way to suggest her spirituality [who knows – I was just saying].

Anyways, this seems to be a must-have for collectors. It costs 6.460 yens.

picture property of hobby search –

Must Have Figure – Tank

I never saw this coming…

Valve’s hit Left 4 Dead 2 is brought back into attention with the release of this figure – a special infected – the mighty Tank.

This character is the only one that is able to startle me – when his theme begins I know this creature will appear and probably pin me down.

The figure looks quite gruesome – it has that sadistic feeling of trying to smash you – but I really love that miniature shotgun – a great weapon for a great game.

Demonbane Al Azif x Inouetakuya

They say eroge inspired figures have a lots of fans.

This figure it’s pretty interesting for those who are into some chubby stuff.

What I like the most [besides…you know] are those red strings that she has on her arms and feet and even hair. The effect created it’s unusual.

I always loved the messy hair of a character or the outfit that doesn’t resume only to cover the body but also to take some more space.

And those red strings are something that I quite enjoy.

So, people you can have this next month for 9.333 yens. Pretty expensive.

If you got money you will surely enjoy this half-naked maid waiting for you to…have her..into your collection [don’t start thinking about perverted stuff, you little shit].

Shrine Maiden of Paradise – Hakurei Reimu

A new figure from “Touhou Project” will be released this September.

From what I understood this figure has a few alternate versions, different colors. Now the sculptors voted for a purple outfit with some bluish elements and of course a red scarf.

if it comes to this than I should mention that maybe another color [orange or candy-red] would go great instead of this day-to-day purple.

But obviously I like her expression.

And the atmosphere she is meant to create. With that big smile portrayed on her face she should bring happiness to you – if you don’t cry over the amount of money that you spend on her.

The figure costs 6.800 yens. But fans would do anything to own her, right?