Still Alive

I was at work while I listened one of Anigamer team’s podcast covering the Sony at E3 and the announcement that amazed me was that next year we will be glad if we are still alive because as you know the cake was a lie…

I’m taking nonsense – nope – GLaDos it’s still alive and because of that we will be enjoying Portal 2.

So, overwhelmed by memories about Valve’s hit Portal I started to play it again – and I didn’t stop til the credit song.

I don’t know why, but I really really love playing this game over and over again.

It’s just something about the way of playing demanded by the game itself. It’s not some usual FPS that you hurry up finishing it.

NO! For example, every FPS I play must bring me the opportunity of thinking my way to the next checkpoint. I love exploring even if it’s not on the mission list – God knows how must time I spent exploring while playing only Left4Dead.

I’m not that kind of game freak that enjoys only a few game names. Obviously I have my favorite games that I enjoy playing many hours. But I like experimenting everything.

But while playing Portal, I became one soul with the game. I suck it all up, it gives me energy, it makes me want more, it makes me feel amazing. Of course this is a joke, but it’s not a lie. I have today’s gaming session as witness.

I can’t wait to see more exceptional Valve creation and I really want to get Portal 2. When the right time comes…

F.E.A.R. 3

Recent news in the gaming industry inform us about the up-coming FEAR 3 [horror FPS].

Working on this game are the guys from Day 1 Studios along with writer John Carpenter and comic artist Steve Niles.

The game promises new shocking surprises – the level of horror will be increased. With this – the skills of the player will be tested.

As stated, FEAR 3 will be raised to the true meaning of the FEAR games – this involving quality in gameplay.

The game will be launched for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Let’s have some fun [episode 5]

Today’s feature…a simple and short FPS: Delta Ops.

The game features 11 missions, including the tutorial. From abandoned ruins to underground secret tunnels and desert army depots, we all have to go and destroy the terrorists’ plans.

An important thing about the game is that you ussualy have to make your way thru an army of enemies that can’t stand in one place. They are always moving like crazy, here and there, even the ones in the towers. So grenades are difficult to use agains human enemies. But because there are no other enemies besides humans, you’re only strategy is to approach and eliminate them.

One strategy that you can adopt during gameplay, [even if that’s not your objective], is destroying of the environemnt. Tents, outposts, towers, with just one click, you can call for a rocket to be launcehd or you can use the grenades.

One of the best missions and of course my favourite is The Refinery. The map seems a little bit complicated, but in the end it’s a simple task. Lots of enemies crawling everywhere, so you have to be careful. Even if the character you’re playing has lots of life force, still too many damage will cause the restart of that level.

Sometims, the terrorist seem stupid. I mean you approach them and they run away :)) and the same thing goes with the citizens. They start to scream or they follow you. And if you kill them, you have a good chance to fail completing the level.

Some of the other equipment you have are the binoculars and the night-vision glasses. Still, night vision can be fucking your mission if there’s a source of light near you. You’ll not see anything and you’ll end up killed, just like it happen to me, few times.

And a score for this game I could say that 7 out of 10 points. I love FPSs but if they offer me much more excitement when it comes to plot.