The reality beyond FPS

Every gamer loves First Person Shooters.

Who doesn’t love taking the shotgun/assault rifle and destroy everything that surround him. War-themed, horror, fantastic – all shooters make this world a better place.

Most people stated that killing in videogames is a simulation for real violent acts. If you’re a stupid retard and after playing Doom 3 you go outside and start killing your neighbors with a wrench or a pipe – you deserve to get caught and never see the sunlight again.

But studies show that FPSs have not only defects but also qualities. I already knew that – but people seem to be avoiding the reality about games.

FPS can be used to train our brains, can be used for people who have memory problems – can make us more intelligent and more attentive to the surrounding environment. We can train our understanding skills and we can act different in the real life.


DND – Do Not Download

A new hint on why you shouldn’t download games.

The newly released Cross-Days game has a virus that acts like an installer. You start the process and then information from your computer starts to be copied. After that, there pops up a survey that asks for personal details. If you’re stupid enough to complete that, you’ll find out that the stolen and given infos, along with a screenshot of your desktop is uploaded on a public site. Your personal data is this way visible for all those who happen to access the site.

That’s why you should never reveal personal data no matter what. You might just get in trouble from some minor shit.

Japan and the gaming piracy

Even if it’s hard to believe…gaming piracy it’s not a solution for those that live in Japan. A survey shows us that most of the gamers prefer to buy their games. Of course, the prices differ from country to country but still, the gaming industry in Japan will not suffer because of the piracy.

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15,5 % of the gamers say that they use to download games and then play them. 7,1 % claim that they used to do this and [unbelievable] 77,4 % prefer to buy the original games. Of course, nothing compares to that feeling of putting your hands on the CD/DVD with the game you’ve waited for such a long time.

About the platforms that are mostly used by the japanese gamers, we have in top 3 the Nintendo DS, followed by Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The PC it’s situated on the 17th place. Also the 14th place is reserved for the X BOX 360.

I do not know exactly what types of games the japanese gamers prefer but it surely has to do something with the RPG elements and sweet anime girls [most of them]. Gamers use to play at home and in traffic [on the bus, train]. Gaming is also practiced when going outside. Imagine sitting in the park with the latest hentai game on your DS’ screen. Nice, isn’t it?

[via What Japan Thinks]


This article was supposed to be written a long time ago…

This will be about the early days of my gaming experiences. And of course that perioud was perfect for the Nintendo games…first games that I played.

I never owned a Sega console but a Terminator one…you know the Terminator 6.0 [most successful NES clone – having yellow cartridges].

These game consoles very pretty popular in central european countries in the 90s. I was like 8-9 years old back then…and the Terminator game console is the main reason I wear glasses these days. I fucked up my eyes staying all day long in front of the TV. Anyway…back to the subject.

I still spend many hours on gaming, but back then, gaming was something that every kid of my age was in love with. First thing I remember about gaming is that once I’ve put my hands on the console…the world was mine.

In the left you have an example of NES clone I’ve grew up with. The joypads were often poor-manufactured so every week I had to buy new ones. I think that the first game I ever played in my life was Duck Hunt [I’m not very sure]. Or it was another shooter…the one with the cowboys [hmmm]. Anyway…Shooters brought me into the world of video-games.

Next was Super Mario Bros…my all-time favourite game in the whole world. Remember that melody and the character…Mario Rocks!!!

Super Mario Bros is an arcade-action game…featuring two players: Mario and his brother Luigi. The game has 8 main levels with 4 sub-levels each.

I remember that I used to finish a game and continue with it like 3-4 times. Once you’ve completed the game..some of the enemies changed and you could play the game again. Super Mario Bros was extremely pleasant for me to play in the morning. I was up earlier than ussual and immediately I was playing Mario. Funny things is that even before I started to write this article I played this game till level 7. [using an emulator of course. I do not own a NES clone anymore].

Okay…about the other games I played. Well, names like Robocop, Tank, Cobra, Tom and Jerry, Dr. Mario became very popular in no time.

A game I really enjoyed was Double Dragon 2. The fighter that you controlled was sent in missions all over the world and you had to fight and fight with many enemies. Almost each level had a BOSS. I remember that when we were out, me and some friends used to talk about how we won that level and what we did next. Kabuki, another arcade-action game was pretty cool that time. The warrior had as the main weapon his hair.

One of the games I used to play using the two player menu was Tank. Each level had a number of enemy tanks that I had to destroy. [speaking of that I must search this game an play it again].

Besides the joypads..the Terminator game console had a pistol. Games like Duck Hunt and the other two western-themed shooters were played with this pistol.

Because the games weren’t originals but all of them pirated, they came in with a message: 999,999 in 1. Most of them were the same games with just a little bit of modification. Mario for example…had a Godmode game, a flying type game, limited lives and so on.

We used to borrow games from one another. I remember receiving a tennis game when I shared my Fifa ’98. Fifa got me from the first match I ever played. Spending many hours on this game was like a daily ritual for me. I was too good to lose a match.

Another game I loved was something related to a Ninja warrior. I had to climb up buildings and kill other ninjas.

Anyway…those happy moments are gone…only thing that I can do right now is to revive those games with emulators [something that I’ll surely do].

My childhood was great…and I fucking miss it!

A certain history of gaming

So, I was watching these videos lately about retro games and I decided to write something about it.

I’m not totally behind the retro style in gaming, cuz I am a fan of Amiga and Nintendo games since I was little. Yup, most of you grew up with these. And I don’t mean just Mario Bros or Duck Hunting or whatever you think when you hear “retro game”. I mean the serious deal in playing all these. Yesterday I played the popular DOOM. Man…what an experience. It’s been a while since I played something like that. The game itself it’s simple…one of the best retro FPS [first person shooter] ever created. From DOOM I wanted more, so I was installing these emulators for Nintendo.

Kabuki and Contra, my favourite Nintendo games. I’m really over Mario cuz I know this game like you know you favourite T-shirt. And I think it’s a waste of time to play the same old games on and on. Yeah. With the Amiga games I had a problem. I can’t find the right emulator. Maybe if I try harder I’ll be able to play something, but when that time comes, I’ll be doing something else.

About more recently games, I don’t know what I can say that I love the most. I surely enjoyed Left4dead and Portal. And there’s no need to say that I’m going to play some Starcraft as soon as possible.

Till next time, enjoy playing all day long homie!