Barcode KANOJO

A new iPhone app is making 2D kanojo lovers go crazy. If you scan any EAN/UPC barcode, you can get your hands on this “virtual” anime girl and just like in “Love +” you can establish a certain relationship with her.

As far as I know, the app works with most of the universal product codes.

To get into the ecchiness of this, this kanojo isn’t able to speak your language, so you have to use your fingers [of course] to interact with parts of her body and to get her understand you.

Thing is that this app has a certain multiplayer side of it. You can collect other kanojos even if they are already scanned by someone else. You can steal them and complete your harem :))

Til now, from what I’ve observed there are over 25.000 kanojos generated everyday. So, tell me people, why do you love 2D so much?

Idol on Demand: Oshima Mai

Born in 1987, Mai is one sweet model – I have to admit that.

You know that in order to keep a perfect image of yourself, you have to work hard. Mai is passionate about volleyball – so sports are a part of her to-do-list to keep herself always fresh and realistic.

After checking-up some of her work – I realize that lingerie and swimsuits are amongst the best choices for her. She has great legs and wearing a skirt makes her look gorgeous. Still wearing something traditional places her into her fans heart. You know what I’m talking about.

Suicide at a young age

I always wondered what makes a human being feel so low, so desperate in order to take extreme measures and end her life. It came again into my attention that an 8 years old japanese girl hanged herself, mostly because she was bullied at school.

Of course that the principal and other students denied everything – but I’m sure that those notes with dark messages didn’t appear from nowhere on her notebooks. I don’t think she refused to go to school just because she didn’t feel like it.

And of course that bullies will never cease to make one feel miserable mainly because this makes them important.

Anyways as sad as it is, a family was destroyed – and the people responsible still live even they don’t deserve it.

A young girl is now lost – because I’m sure that heaven it’s not waiting for her. How someone can be so mean in order to deposit his/her cruelty into another person’s soul. Don’t you feel remorse, pity, don’t you realize you’re only human and what you’re doing is wrong?

I guess not you filthy scum. But I’m sure that Hell is waiting for you, motherfucker!

Idol on Demand: Sayuki Matsumoto

What would you say if a girl with perfect lips would exist. Juicy, with an artistic expression of them, colored in your favorite color, having a perfect shape and saying the perfect words. Sayuki doesn’t have the perfect lips but hers are incredibly gorgeous. I haven’t seen this kind of lips in awhile.

Sayuki Matsumoto was born in December 1985 and she is today’s feature on “Idol on Demand”. I never explained what with this series of articles.

Well, we have the best of the best in here: cute, pretty, extremely beautiful japanese idols and models.

You just might be retarded not to observe and love those lips – besides the fact that she has great legs. But the lips are everything – damn I’m in love again.

Moe Club: Melona

What makes an individual to become a fan?

It is a subliminal message, it is a direct one, it is some sort of strange and twisted way of understanding a concept or it is just “love” at first sight?

Probably nobody knows for sure what she/he likes. If you don’t get a good look at the product you can’t state exactly what you like and don’t like about it.

What makes a certain thing to be successful among the people who are the recipients? And more exactly what does a character [seen as a product] to become desirable?

Well, today we’re going to talk about this. Welcome to the Moe Club.

Today’s feature – Melona [Queen’s Blade].

Nowadays anime characters seem to be integrated all into this single big phenomena known as moe. Male or female characters [especially females] must have something cute about them. I said this once – artists love to create cute/beautiful/sexy/hot female characters.

The public [trust me] wants what? Cute/beautiful/sexy/hot characters.

Tell me what you first observe when you see Melona? Big bouncing boobs, a cute face and a desirable body, right? Do you like it? Of course you do you little motherf…[cough] friend.

Who wouldn’t love that face – I mean it has something about it – that makes the character [even is she is a villain – minion of the Swamp Witch] adorable.

The physical aspect – let me guess you perverted shit – is what you like about her right?

You may not believe what I’m saying but most male anime fans can easily find themselves here. I kinda find myself in here too – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

But too much moe it’s just wrong…Anyway since it’s the first Club meeting we let Melona go. She passed the test – and we need her just because of the boo…because she is a villain right?

[end of part 1]

International Saimoe League

As you probably know – The International Saimoe League it’s a competition organized in order to find out who is the public’s number 1 moe anime female character.

The competition has a very large structure with different voting sessions and a series of rules. You can vote for free – no account is needed. The thing you can obtain by doing this is that you can help you favourite character to come closer to the title of winner.

I haven’t get the chance to vote too much this year – but right now I’m on helping my two characters to gain points.

The next session [Ruby Period – Round 4] is approaching so here’s a sample of my next voting action.

Minami Chiaki
Furude Rika
(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

ToHeart Figure – NSFW

The character is Komaki Manaka and is brought to you by Kaitendoh. The figure will cost around 8.925 yens.

My opinion says it is a must have if you really are into swimsuits [and I know that most of you are].

Yet cute but sensual – the figure brings the joy of hot summers in relationship with the fact of enjoying the benefits of water. Nothing else to add. See more screens and additional info here – AkibaHobby.