Moe Club: Ako-Riko-senpai

You maybe heard about and seen KissxSis – a show in which the main female protagonists have something called a “brother complex”. Today I’ll talk about how moe that is and why this phenomenon has been applied to the show.

The story centers around Kei-chan and his sisters. Their relationship is depicted as being very, very close. They are not blood-related so they get involved in different, more intimate things. Just another way of proving that this show is 100% japanese.

The ecchi concentration is fortunately diminished by the romance elements that make the show more interesting and pleasant to watch.

So…why moe? Well in the construction of the characters, besides the visual aspect we can observe how cute they have to act. Doing everything for their brother – trying to achieve his feelings and constantly fighting for a place in his heart it’s something that the moe phenomenon is based upon.

Constantly cuteness and a lovey-dovey atmosphere – Kiss X Sis has earned a place in the Moe Club.

Highschool of the Dead

On the day everything came to an end…I killed my best friend…and held the girl that I liked for the first time.

I can say that my dream became true. When I first heard that the Highschool of the dead manga will get an anime adaptation I knew that it would be awesome – and the first episode really got me.

We have ecchi, we have fanservice but most important we have gore and zombies…lots of them. Very graphic zombie killing action – lots of nasty sounds of heads being smashed – meat being ripped off the bone and scary moans. And speaking of sounds – amazing thing – we can listen to something similar to 28 Days Later theme – In The House – Without  A Heartbeat.

The characters are living these moments in constant fear – they didn’t understood from the beginning the danger of this event. Zombie Apocalypse – something that will inspire many many good productions.

A very good and well constructed first episode – you gotta see it.

Japanese girls…

What kind of girls would you like? That was [sort of] the question. A recent survey on 1102 people, revealed that being a geek among girls is something that most desire. The real question was what subject must be discussed by a girl, to really impress you?

With a 100% score – winners were the girls who know a lot about cars and motorcycles.

The second place was reserved for those females who know to talk about computers. And the third place was given to girls who love airplanes, battleships and other transportation and war related machines.

I don’t know why, but I’m totally with this. I would like to talk about what interests me [my hobbies] with a girl rather that listen to her crappy opinion on girly subjects. Wouldn’t you?

Absolute Territory

One of the interesting parts in designing an anime character or just simply related to an idol’s clothing is…the absolute territory. Okay…it sounds weird but it’s more than that đŸ˜€

The japanese expression “zettai ryouiki” or the absolute territory is the area of a female’s leg that is revealed between the skirt and the stoking.

A survey reveals that this is the number one fetish in Japan. So, what’s all this about? The absolute territory has a number of levels [5 to be more precisely] and as in the image from the left, the “hottest” of them is grade A…the tight-high socks. Just a small portion of the skin is revealed this way…so…it’s better đŸ˜€

Absolute territory is a moe characteristic, a mark of the cuteness of the character. Most of the absolute territory examples are strongly related to school uniforms or mini-skirts.

This part of the costume reveals more of the femininity that the character possesses.

As you can see the main parts of the absolute territory are the stokings/socks, the skin and the skirt. Besides that, the rest of the uniform and some will say that the hair and the attitude.

Like in the reality, in the anime, the absolute territory it’s meant to express sensuality.

Many artists like to create powerful characters that have to impress by their looks.

That’s why moe came into business. If the show has more attractive characters, at least one of them will be pictured like this.

Zettai Ryouiki is related to ecchi anime, but not only. Most of the females that are dressed up like this, will surely show some other things [underwear and so].

This thing generates a strange  attraction. That is why many men adore [perverts and so] to see their favorite female characters and idols in this kind of outfit.

Some anime examples would be: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Zombie Loan, Ultimate Girls, Kanon, Shakugan No Shana and many more.