Coin Locker Monogatari

So – I ended up watching again some j-doramas. And recently I finished Coin Locker Monogatari.

A short dorama – with both comedy and sadness in it. And it’s not the best you’ll see. But you could watch it if you have two hours to lose.

We have two main characters: Miki – who appears of nowhere and settles in a coin locker office along with Tetsuyo – the man who works there.

She is still a high-school girl and she, apparently is involved in an anti-hentai program. She has to deal with different middle-aged guys who are looking for, you know, some fresh meat.

Besides this she founds herself revealing some secrets of the forgotten luggage in the lockers. Obviously, the mystery part of this series it’s not impressive.

The soundtrack is very limited and sometimes the action has no purpose at all. But Miki is a cutie so at least you can watch the dorama for her.