Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part one]

With the Halloween coming up this weekend I realized I should start some articles regarding it. Here, in Romania we do not specifically celebrate this, even if we have some folklore involving those dark elements [Dracula, vampires, ghouls and other forms of the Undead].

We have the All Saints Day something similar to the Day of the Dead – when people remember their deceased ones – and they work on their graves – putting flowers and candles – saying prayers and remembering the period when they were alive.

As a Catholic I was raised to believe in a higher power – that there’s good and there’s evil. Of course I still go to church and I still have my believes – but I became fascinated by the dark side. So, in search for more info about it – I found myself into this crazy world of horror tales, movies and books. And trust me – it is quite interesting to see others and their perception upon evil.

That’s why – just like many others out there I’d like to propose a top of the movies that are welcome while celebrating Halloween.


13 – Stay Alive.

Why this movie? Because it has some local historical value throughout the plot. It’s a game – but not a regular game. If you die in the game – you die in reality too.

Stay Alive is set to the imaginary mansion of Elizabeth Bathory – who was a real personality – and as the folklore says – she did some nasty things. [An article about the Countess will be up soon]

Known as the blood Countess – she lived in the 15th century and she was a serial killer. The number of the victims is undetermined but speculations show that the number is approaching 600.

In the movie – she is the villain – trying to keep you away from her estate. In reality Elizabeth tortured and killed for blood bathing. She believe that blood could make her younger – even offering immortality.

Stay alive is a Halloween choice for the morbid atmosphere that the film presents. Join the characters through their horrifying adventure.

12 – Alien.

What would scare the shit out of you if not some blood-thirsty aliens.

A spaceship used for economical purposes receives a signal from a distant planet – apparently deserted.

Set on this primitive planet without any form of life-supporting environment but actually a good place for the creatures to hatch, the action is then continued to the spaceship where the adventuring crew has to confront the demons who managed to get in.

Alien is one of the best films I’ve seen – and every time I re-watch it – I’m still amazed.

Great action and great set of the story. The infernal battle just keeps the viewer’s mind occupied. A great choice for this celebration of the dark side.

[to be continued…]

Three Extremes – perceptions

This is like one of the best j-horror films I’ve watched. Three intriguing and mind-freaking motion pictures collected under a suggestive title – extremes.

Of course they are not that sadistic you think they are – but are three original stories and what’s best – they can create a very creepy atmosphere.

The first short film is called “Box”. A creepy tale of two ballerina sisters that perceive the afection of their tutor in different ways.

This difference makes one of them go berserk and get the other one killed in a fire. Now – the ghost of the dead girl is constantly following her.

And the ballerina dance part is the creepiest scene of the film 😐

Next one is “Dumplings”. Do you have what it takes to eat dumplings consisting recently aborted fetuses? Yuck..motherfuck…

The last part “Cut” is about a psycho that ends up mutilating a woman in front of her husband by taking off her fingers one by one. This is something that goes more like a dark comedy – since it’s related to directors and actors. But still, the tendencies of reflecting mind-disturbances makes this a great motion picture.

Three Extremes is a cross-cultural collection, being represented by Japan, China and South Korea – in a way of putting story into vivid colors and onto the big screen.

Great characters tend to explain their potentials and existential lacks.

Boo [Dark Philosophy] [+18]

They say you cannot die from being brokenhearted. I say they lie. I whisper into your coffin the true fact of my self-inflicted destruction. I cry. I show you my state.

Lying here, rotten, full of holes, with parts of me missing but with my heart still intact. I remember the accident.

The train hit me so fucking hard that I couldn’t take my time to blink. My head was separated from my body and my legs were severed. My blood was everywhere. Last thing I remember was the cold metal approaching me.

Soulless…captive into a dark hole full only with devils. Flames everywhere, grotesque screams coming out of nowhere and then the dark light.

I felt like being alive again, until I heard the sad song of my own funeral. Burnt flowers over my coffin, dark roses over my head, the passion of passing into another dimension. Memories, precious moments of my life, parts of my existence, my subconscious and my happiness.

They were gone, gone in an instant.

Frozen – Perceptions

I’ve heard bad things about this movie. So I had to try it. Now, I believe that those fools who said it is a low-budget crap have two options: they gotta admit being fucking retarded or they don’t know shit about movies.

Frozen is: intensive, mind-creeping – a movie that will make your bones tremble.

The story centers around three life-chalenging, snow-sporting lovers that end up left alone on this ski-lift.

It is night, it is very cold outside and more than that, nobody knows that they have been abandoned there.

In this situation, the first thing that comes into someone’s mind is to panic. Yup, a healthy dosage of paranoia to fuck up your mind and to give you the chance to make all the possible mistakes.

When you are not thinking clearly, you have to calm down first, in order to pass a problem. But most people cannot do that.

[Spoiler]One of the group’s members suggests that he should try to jump and go for help. UnLucky bastard. He only brokes his both legs and ends up being mutilated by wolves. No big deal. [Spoiler Ends Here]

The others have a little more to endure. The though of being captive up on a deserted mountain is now like a dark fairy-tale. And, the end is not what I expected.

Anyway – fuck all who said that the movie is not good. [Chucking up my deuces now]

Noroi – The Curse [Review]

What I’ve learned from the japanese film industry til now is that if you have a good idea and inspiration while writing a script, this fact could lead to a very impressive production.

Horror movies! Who doesn’t like them? Probably many because are scared, but also many love to found themselves lost into an intriguing and exceptional plot, [mentally] fighting along with the good guys in order to solve the mysteries and bring peace into the story. But this articles will not help you start a debate on how good guys should act to overcome the bad elements…simply because evil is more powerful in this movie.

Noroi – The curse is a japanese production which will make you wonder if those things could happen in real life. Presented as a documentary – a man searching information about some strange happenings and shot mostly in a “Blair Witch Project” style – the movie deals with an ancient demon who can be summoned and used for doing bad things.

In a strange location – existed a very dark ritual which was used to summon the demon Kagubata. One day – this demon [who supposedly must obey the summoner’s orders] – get a chance to become an independent entity and do evil stuff for it’s own pleasure. A priest dealt with this mythical creature and stopped it from ruining this world – but he had to pay with his life for this.

Now, the demon is about to be summoned again.

In the ritual – flesh is involved. The flesh can help the demon to use it’s powers. One of the pieces of this puzzle is about the medium’s strange meals – dead fetuses – that can be used for building a spiritual path – for the demon to come into this world.

Animals are also sacrificed to appease this evil. Pigeons – the element of air and dogs – representing earth are [possibly] linked to the path of this demon. In mythology, dark forces often invade both of them because this thing can lead to total annihilation – a symbol of the Apocalypse.

It’s funny also how the image of ghosts/spirits or whatever those are – are invisible for the human eye but are visible on cameras. Almost all japanese horror products [movies/books] depict similar cases. If you read the Ring or seen Shutter you know what I’m talking about.

It is a good movie though. Really great characters – the journalist equipped with patience and curiosity, the madman able to solve mysteries easier than anyone else, the cutie who has to suffer and the single mother seen as desperate to recreate her own life.


Myth: Reality of urban legends

The stories that I’m about to tell you are true. There are certain facts that proved these thing really happened. Myths and legends make  this world a better place because they imply the use of imagination – which is the most important thing related to creativity.

I’m the kind of guy who loves creativity, originality, the spirit of art and the call of senses. I’m also addicted to stories. Real or not – stories make my life colorful, they give me a reason of living my life the way I am.

But enough of that. Let’s get to business. Urban legends are just stories that should scare people? Or are they real? With all the crazy shit that’s happening in the world – I’m telling you, a new era of legends is about to unfold.

Among the real legends we have the hidden corpses. This thing happened in a lot of hotels/motels and places where people use to crash over the night.

You happily enter your room. You’re tired and you need some relaxation time. After taking a bath and eating something, the bed calls for you. As you approach the bed, a strange feeling takes over your body. You are attracted to it in a very unusual way.

After spending a little time in bed, a strange smell comes out of nowhere. it seems like rotten flesh – and when you realise this, you find a corpse underneath your bed.

The shock makes you runaway as quickly as you can. Many murders took place in hotels. And because the killer had to escape – an easy alternative of dealing with the body has been found. Just stuck the cadaver under the bed and you’re out of there.

As crazy as it sounds – people found themselves in this kind of situation all over the world.

Ai’te…the next thing will make your unconscious tremble.

Funerals…the way of saying goodbye to the loved ones. People have a thing for opened coffins. Most of them prefer not to look at the person in there. But a while ago, people used this opportunity to create a unusual “form” of art.

Family portraits depicting all the family embers – including the dead ones. It sounds unreal but it is real. The eyes of the deceased were opened forcibly – and a smile was modeled on his face. Thinking about that sadistic face only gives me the shivers. Imagine a dead guy smiling at you saying that you’re next. Damn…

Have you seen the japanese “One Missed Call” trilogy or the American remake of this movie. No?? Then you should know that dead people can text message the living.

It happened after a train crash in which 25 people died. One of them has been found after a while in the wreckage. But in that time, his cell phone was active and called his family members. How the fuck did that happen? The state of the remains couldn’t prove that he was still alive when the cellphone called…

I’m pretty sure that the creepiness of it cannot explain this fact.

Strange things can happen. I’m sure that everybody at some point in his/her life had to deal with a creepy moment.

I should get an article about crazy shit that happened to me – because I could write a lot.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – Live Action Review

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – an adaptation after the anime show with the same name – is a thriller meant to deal with the psychological failure of the human being.

Welcome to Hinamizawa. At first you might say that the gorgeous landscape in here makes this place closer to heaven – but in reality that is not true. It’s a place with a dark history and governed by a cruel God called Oyashiro-sama. I say this because the people here used to sacrifice human beings in order to please this God.

The forbidden chamber of torture will be broken in by some of our protagonists so, the curse of Oyashiro-sama will struck again.

If you saw the anime, you already know a little bit about the main characters: Keichii, Mion and her sister Shion, Rena, Rika and Satoko.

The anime has to offer a lot about every of these characters but the movie centers on the relationship between Keichii and Rena.

Mental filth, madness – is probably the main theme of the movie. The characters had a close relationship til Keichii finds out about the series of murders that happened in this place.

Because of that he slowly becomes an outsider. His friends lie to him and hide some facts. Keichii realizes that the strange behavior of them is a sign of bad thing that might come his way.

I personally expected more gore elements because the anime has plenty of them – but I like the idea of terror being transferred into one’s mind. The producers exploited the power of despair – which you can see in this movie. You probably interpreted differently the end of the movie – but as you know and I know – there are hidden messages there – that cannot be cracked easily.

Rena seems to be possessed by a strange and unusual spirit. When she tried to enter Keichii’s room she really scare me a bit.

There is a sequel: Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Chikai – which will be presented here in the near future. But til then, stay away from Hinamizawa. You wouldn’t like to know how is to be spirited away…