Super Soniko Babydoll vers. [PVC]

It’s been a while since I last reviewed some anime figures, but this one was too attractive not to be mentioned in here.

Super Soniko babydoll has two distinctive editions. This one, a lovely character, with a totally ecchi expressiveness, half-naked and ready to…hmm…party?!?

The music is directing her feelings. the cookies make the figure more enjoyable and we have also other cute elements like the cats.

The other edition, the DX, presents a refrigerator, a teddy-bear [not pedo, hopefully] and a guitar.

The association of the guitar with her headphones is amazing.

Other aspects: very interesting choice of hair color [thanks to the creator/illustrator and respected by the manufacturers and producers]. You should totally like the outfit and if you’re up for spending 6630 yens, you should add this to your collection.

Idol on Demand: Oshima Mai

Born in 1987, Mai is one sweet model – I have to admit that.

You know that in order to keep a perfect image of yourself, you have to work hard. Mai is passionate about volleyball – so sports are a part of her to-do-list to keep herself always fresh and realistic.

After checking-up some of her work – I realize that lingerie and swimsuits are amongst the best choices for her. She has great legs and wearing a skirt makes her look gorgeous. Still wearing something traditional places her into her fans heart. You know what I’m talking about.

Yomeiro Choice vol. 3

Before reading this you might wanna see the Volume 1 Review and the Volume 2 review. This way you’ll understand better the concepts of this manga.

I’ll remind you that this manga is one of the many harem-fanservice-ecchi ones who are an illustrated adaptation of women being used in different context of social living.

This volume still has surprises for the reader. A new daughter came from the future a certain painful thing to her father.

This first part brings Cerulea into action. She has to change the present in order to keep her life happy in the future. The artists always thought of happy endings for every situation – so this one will be exactly the same.

After losing weight with Ran-Nee, spending a day at the beach and helping Kozue to regain her felling for him, our hero ends up in a bunny cafe.

Of course that comedy follows us everywhere as we see the young boy spending money on hot bunny-dressed girls.

In the end everything works fine for our characters. Even if these 6 female characters have to fight between them at certain points – it looks like they are able to live happily together.

The volume taught me that being able to share your love for several persons shouldn’t make you feel uneasy about some of them. You can appreciate everybody. Because the first two rules of love are friendship and understanding. With these two, you can gain the respect of your partner.

Idol on Demand: Sayuki Matsumoto

What would you say if a girl with perfect lips would exist. Juicy, with an artistic expression of them, colored in your favorite color, having a perfect shape and saying the perfect words. Sayuki doesn’t have the perfect lips but hers are incredibly gorgeous. I haven’t seen this kind of lips in awhile.

Sayuki Matsumoto was born in December 1985 and she is today’s feature on “Idol on Demand”. I never explained what with this series of articles.

Well, we have the best of the best in here: cute, pretty, extremely beautiful japanese idols and models.

You just might be retarded not to observe and love those lips – besides the fact that she has great legs. But the lips are everything – damn I’m in love again.

Idol on Demand: Momoko Tani

Yet another sweetie from Japan started to make me want moar 😀

This time we deal with Momoko Tani – a model and gravure idol originated from the Ibaraki prefecture. She was born in 1984 and soon after that she developed what you can see in the picture below. She has an impressive history in photo sessions and you can find many features of her work online. For now try to imagine: you holding the camera and she posing for you…

Idol on Demand: Anri Sugihara

I’m not much into the “idoling” thing, but as you probably know and it is said that is healthy, I enjoy the view of most of the females I land my eyes on.

Today’s feature: Anri Sugihara. Yes – she is a real looker and I studied a little bit of her work. I saw some collections of her photo-shoots and I can say that colors make the best of her image.

Soft skin, cute smile, departure of innocence reflected, that is what fans/people interested are looking for into a gravure idol’s portfolio. You must be blind not to observe the tenderness of one’s girl involved in a lovely-to-ero photo collection.

Anri was born in ’82 and her fate brought her into the content of every Japanese men magazine.

You cannot say that you don’t like what you see…

Demonbane Al Azif x Inouetakuya

They say eroge inspired figures have a lots of fans.

This figure it’s pretty interesting for those who are into some chubby stuff.

What I like the most [besides…you know] are those red strings that she has on her arms and feet and even hair. The effect created it’s unusual.

I always loved the messy hair of a character or the outfit that doesn’t resume only to cover the body but also to take some more space.

And those red strings are something that I quite enjoy.

So, people you can have this next month for 9.333 yens. Pretty expensive.

If you got money you will surely enjoy this half-naked maid waiting for you to…have her..into your collection [don’t start thinking about perverted stuff, you little shit].