Coin Locker Monogatari

So – I ended up watching again some j-doramas. And recently I finished Coin Locker Monogatari.

A short dorama – with both comedy and sadness in it. And it’s not the best you’ll see. But you could watch it if you have two hours to lose.

We have two main characters: Miki – who appears of nowhere and settles in a coin locker office along with Tetsuyo – the man who works there.

She is still a high-school girl and she, apparently is involved in an anti-hentai program. She has to deal with different middle-aged guys who are looking for, you know, some fresh meat.

Besides this she founds herself revealing some secrets of the forgotten luggage in the lockers. Obviously, the mystery part of this series it’s not impressive.

The soundtrack is very limited and sometimes the action has no purpose at all. But Miki is a cutie so at least you can watch the dorama for her.

Tsuki No Koibito

As in my last seen J-dorama.

The story goes around Hazuki Rensuke – the president of the Regolith – a furniture manufacturing company – who is very devoted to his work and his passion – the true essence of furniture stands in his love for the natural element: wood.

Because of that – he leads his life worrying only to deliver good furniture to the public. As a human he can be cataloged as a cold person. He doesn’t let people see if he is sentimentally involved in something.

Things go complicated when he realizes he likes Xiu Mei – a worker at one of his factories. Xiu Mei becomes the model of the company – and Rensuke starts falling deeply for her.

Being a romantic production, of course that we have the cliche of breaking-up and feeling deeply sad about this. But in the end everything works out.

From the three persons who are attached to Rensuke, the most I liked Onuki Yuzuki character interpreted by Kitagawa Keiko.

If you’re looking for stylish characters and a certain degree of life lived right, you got yourself a deal by watching this production.

If you’re like me, you’ll observe the true meaning of every detail of the show. I always watch something that can be learning material and not just to waste time.

I really enjoyed the show – part because of the story, part cuz of the characters. You should enjoy it too.

Last seen…

Just the usual update on my last seen media:


Ladies vs Butlers – 5,6,7

Cobra The Animation – 1

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – 20,

Dance in The Vampire Bund – 5,6

Dragon Ball Kai – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Elfen Lied – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

Ookami Kakushi – 5,6

Durarara – 5,6

Porfy No Nagai Tabi – 1,2


Underworld 2
Pet Sematary
An American Haunting
White Noise
Diary of The Dead


Stir of Echoes


Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge – 1,2,3,4

1 Litre of tears – complete

TV Shows:

I Survived a Japanese Gameshow –  1,2

LOST – 1,2,3,4

1 litre of tears

J-dorama or simply japanese drama.

One of the best j-dramas ever made is 1 litre of tears. After watching it, I read a lot of posts about this drama and it seemed that everyone who watched it, was impressed.

250px-1_litre_of_tears(DVD cover-source:

1 litre of tears is presenting the case of a girl, who at the age of 15 finds out that she has an incurable disease: Spinocerebellar Degeneration. As learns us, this disease is one of a group of genetic disorders characterized by slowly progressive incoordination of gait and often associated with poor coordination of hands, speech, and eye movements.

We see all the symptoms in this drama. Doctors and specialists in neurology were consulted during the making of it.

There are 11 episodes plus a special one, which tell us the sad story of Ikeuchi Aya. During these episodes we learn about the help and the obstacles she faced, her feeling towards the others and the feelings of the others about her.

This drama is based on a real case. Kito Aya [July 1962 – May 23, 1988] had this disease. During her life she wrote a diary, which was published in 1986. There are some interesting quotes which I’ll be presenting next time and which are important for every person in this world, sick or not. Aya just wrote about life, about goodness and hope. About 1.800.0000 copies of her diary had been sold.

1_litre_of_tears-book(The book cover-source:

Episode List:

1- The beginning of my youth
2- 15 years old, sickness that steals up
3- Why did the illness choose me?
4- The loneliness of two
5- A disabled person’s notebook
6- Heartless glances
7- The place where I am
8- 1 Litre of Tears
9- I live now
10- Love Letter
11- Far away, to the place where tears are exhausted

And the special episode:
1 Litre of Tears: Memory

300px-Ichi_Rittoru_no_Namida(The Ikeuchi Family-from the drama)


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