I’ll write this article in romanian because it was my homework for online journalism 😛

Deci ca tema am avut de analizat un site. My choice..IGN.com.

Analiza IGN.com

IGN.com este un site de entertainment, specializat pe stiri si reviewuri din domeniile jocurilor video, muzicii dar si filmelor si animatiilor.

Elemente de design – Partea de sus a site-ului ofera sigla si meniul principal. Site-ul este specializat pe jocurile video, prin urmare cele mai multe rubrici sunt destinate acestora. Tot in partea de sus revin rubricile celorlate forme de media. IGN.com este recunoscut prin culoarea visinie, care a persistat in toate interfetele site-ului de pana acum, precum si fundalul alb.

Structura este putin dificila pentru cei care nu sunt obisnuiti cu site-ul. Exista o multime de rubrici si sub-rubrici, pagina principala fiind foarte aglomerata.
Un soft flash este menit sa ne aduca cele mai importante articole de pe site, urmat de o lista cu cele mai noi stiri sau reviewuri.

Site-ul este structurat pe doua coloane, fiecare avand numeroase facilitati.

Frecventa actualizarii – Materialele de pe site apar la foarte scurta distanta. Data fiind complexitatea site-ului exista multi autori care se ocupa de materialele scrise. Articolele sunt datate prin precizarea timpului de postare [cate minute sau ore in urma]. Cea mai mare distanta intre articole pe care am sesizat-o a fost de 4 ore. Informatiile se aduna continuu in cadrul acestui site.

Flux editorial – Cum am precizat dupa flash-ul menit sa aduca in prim-plan cele mai importante articole, urmeaza rubrica top stories… apoi cele mai noi materiale postate. Partea de jos a site-ului nu mai respecta structura de doua coloane, iar informatiile se impart pe alte categorii.

User friendly features
– Pentru a contribi la site, este necesar un cont. Inregistrarea necesita un email, numele, adresa si codul postal. Se activeaza contul printr-un mail de confirmare si un cod de verificare. Odata logat, poti contribui cu materiale proprii pe site. Pe langa commenturi se poate crea un blog…care sa imbunatateasca site-ul prin participarea la creearea articolelor.

Multimedia – softuri flash, softuri video, multimi de fotografii, videoclipuri

Servicii – In total IGN.com dispune de cam 230 de tipuri de servicii, de la newsletter la send to a friend, twitter, digg, myspace si altele. Se incerca raspindirea articolelor prin serviciul “Your content. Everywhere”. Este un site complex, specializat de asemenea in stiri, cheaturi si walkthrough-uri, prin urmare lumea jocurilor video depinde de acest site.

Stilul articolelor – Majoritatea articolelor sunt de dimensiuni mari [se intind pe doua, trei pagini]. Majoritatea reprezinta review-uri sau topuri ale celor mai bune jocuri/filme etc.
De asemenea articolele tind sa aduca cele mai noi informatii din domeniul entertainment-ului. Stilul este simplist, pe intelesul tuturor [cunoscatorilor de limba engleza]. Materialele complexe alterneaza cu cele scurte.

Varietatea – Muzica, Filme, Jocuri Video, Comics, Anime, Technology, Stars, cam astea ar putea fi principalele domenii pe care se axeaza site-ul.

Interactivitatea – commenturi si posturi pe blogul personal pe de site. Se poate comenta in orice sectiune.

Visual Appeal – extrem de multa culoare…un site viu, imagini numeroase. O structura exceptionala, clipuri care insotesc materiale. De asemena imaginile sunt structurate in galerii bine organizate. Majoritatea sunt prezente in format mare. Desi dispune de o oarecare complexitate, site-ul nu urmareste ca utilizatorul sa se piarda in informatie.

Publicitate – Site-ul dispune de 4 bannere publicitare pe prima pagina. Numarul acestora se reduce la 2 sau 1 pe celelalte pagini. Unele pagini nu prezinta publicitate deloc. Nu se face abuz de acest lucru. Se face reclama doar la produse despre care s-a vorbit pe site [jocuri, filme, aparate electronice]

Trafic – Locul 222 pe glob si numarul 101 in State la capitolul games and movies reviews. Locul 2 in preferintele mele dupa Gamespot.com

Concluzii – IGN.com este un potrivit loc pentru cele mai bune si calde articole din domeniul entertainmentului din intreaga lume. Utilizatorii dispun de numeroase informatii si pot ajuta la imbunatatirea acestora. Este un loc potrivit pentru a impartasi o pasiune.

An experiment

It’s been a while since we’ve done this shit but…I can’t help myself but to tell you something about it.

We got this project to create a perfect way of reflecting our society…a social experiment…and one of my friends decided that we should celebrate THE BEGGAR’S DAY! 😛

So in a cold and wet day…me and Radu dressed up as society’s low citizens and started to work on our project.

Straight from The Halls of the Beggars, came out…that man :)) [me and nobody else].

As you can see, not all the people I asked for a little material help, was as nice as to stop and give me something or just incourage me. Older people tend to be more sensitive to such cases but the younger generation….damn fuckin retards.

Funny thing…young girls used to laugh at me…now whattafuck is that supposed to mean? 😐 If you’re society’s scum you must be also a joke.

OOhhh! I almost forgot…one son of a bitch cursed me…This is my chance to say this…I hope you burn in Hell, you fuckin faggot. Of course..if a man is down and you’re not helping him, but instead you make his life even more miserable..U are GAY!

Anyway…the weather was cold…but we had fun. I was forced to this without my glasses…so not seeing very well was an advantage :D.

Now, now…the interesting part…the police. One Mista Officer came right at me asking for details about what I’m doing. I fucking hate the police so I blew my cover up by exposing the real facts. But he was a nice guy and apologized…but you know…One Republic said ..It’s too late [to apologize].

When the project was over, I was frozen…and not only me. Now I’m waiting for the video stuff. By the way… I’m glad that I had my close friends with me on this one…thanks guys.

[pt cretinii care nu au inteles despre ce am vorbit…punctez ca a fost doar un experiment social..un proiect pt scoala…nu practic cersetoria si nici nu am de gand…deci daca va vin idei si aud chestii despre mine….I swear to God I’ll blow your ass up…pentru tarfe si retarzi]

Types of journalism

I was reading thru my notes about types of media institutions, types of journalism and their effect in our society.

Did you know that media can be related to almost everything?

picture property of designthinkingblog.com

Well, let me explain this.

We got the daily newspapers, weekly magazines, everyday news sites…right? Beyond this huge collection of information lies the data that makes our lives run. Journalism can be found anywhere…if you know how to look for it. For example, everyday tips and tricks can be a form of journalism. We got a person who’s objectively telling us something.

We got reports, from events, conventions…etc, and then you want to write about that stuff. There it is another part of journalism…reportage and opinion. Nobody can tell a story better than the person who was there. Of course this person can often be used as an important source, if he/she’s not into writing.

You wanna find out the truth about something…you start by research, study, making connections…all this meaning that you’re in a full process of an investigation. You don’t have to work to a national television to do that. Life can put you to this job, when you’re least expecting that.

Entertainment will be probably one of the well-consumed types of media. I say this because right now you’re into my entertaining zone. This is what I do best…dealing with entertainment.

About opinions I said before…so a well written article can convince someone of something. You just have to put in phrases the exact things your brain is processing. Do that and you’ll be fine.

And to end this with another important matter…public relations and journalism. You should know that PR and journalism are two different domains that will always be opposites.

I’ll try to be objective here. PR sometimes uses the advantage of hiding certain things. The image of an institution must be mantained at a higher level. Because of this, PR deals with limitation, with the control of the information. Journalism and it’s purpose are to inform and to find out the truth. On the other hand, not all related journalism stuff will always tell the truth. If you’re unlucky to fall for a false story…shame on the person who brought that up. Some of you will say that if somebody wants the truth, then he must avoid newspapers.

I’ll tell you this…If you’re smart enough you’ll know what to read and believe and what to avoid. If you’re just a stupid cock-sucker…than…shame on you.