Recommended [part 1]

Back to my first love…

I present you the opportunity to listen 2 great mixtapes featuring Akon, Enza, Colby O’Donis, Glasses Malone, American Yard and many more Rap artists.

It’s what happens when dem konvicts become more violent than usual…It’s called “Lockdown”.

Volume 1 cover

First volume –lockdown– appeared two years ago…recently…volume two came out. 15 tracks on the first, 14 on the second, Akon brings his best collabs with urban music artists.

Recommended: “Changed Man”, “The Fast Life”, “You Could Be” and of course all remixes for “Certified”, featuring Glasses M.

Konvict Muzik 4 life!

No more You…

What Imma gonna do…When there’s no more YOU?

That’s one question that the Akon’s newest single “No more You” made me adress to myself. Funny thang is that it’s no more YOU for about three years:))) jeez..that sounds pretty gay. But I still love this track and just for the record, I’m madly in luv with Akon’s music, hell yeah, I love all the Konvict Muzik’s stars.

Anyway, keep the song playing. For all people sharing love…Akon’s newest single: