Lil Wayne: I’m Not A Human Being

Motherfuckerz, I had to talk about this.

The newest album signed Lil Weezy – I’m Not A Human Being made me think about how great this rapper is. From the first track to the last one – we got some hard gangsta rap.

Among the beat producers we have Kane Beatz, Pollow Da Don, Cool & Dre and Drumma Boy.

The flow – ain’t bad either. The quality – announces us about a powerful comeback [after the prison release]. The poetry – Young Mulah baby!

Featured on this are others members of Young Money – Nicky Minaj, Drake, Gudda Gudda and my new favorite rapper Tyga.

About favorite tracks that I keep listening on and on – With You, What’s Wrong With Them, and of course Bill Gates.

Favorite line: Life’s a bitch but I appreciate mane! Free Weezy. I’m looking forward to that. We need him.

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I’m not the fanatic type and not the most religious man on Earth…not me…but I have my believes…I have a little piece on faith left in me. So I guess I must share this with you.

“Before I sleep

I pray to the Lord

My soul to keep

And If I should die

Before I’ll wake

I pray to the Lord

My soul to take…”

‘I’m looking forward to jail’

Noooo, not me you stupid retard…but these words belong to the hottest rapper alive Lil Wayne.

Later this month our Weezy will start a long period of imprisonment.

From what I know, he will spent 1 year in a NYC correction facility, because of gun possession. I guess it’s not a perfect month for Wayne. He stated that this shit is something that was meant to be. Well, Weezy sure doesn’t make this the biggest problem of his life…respect for those who are capable to accept whatever crap is coming their way.

“That’s What Niggaz Do” is definitely a message for those who are facing this kind of problems.

Again we heard some words that came out from the soul. 2 PAC explaining what niggas do and Weezy saying that they try to lock him up and throw the key. People all over the world had problems with the police. Weezy is one of them.

Anyway…keep your head up brother even if you’ll never see this.

Weezy, baby….

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Now..I’ll listen more and more of his music!