Idol on Demand – NSFW – part two

Arisa Kuroda – Fly High

Not Quite Safe For Work

You probably know that I’m talking about gravure idols – those models who have their own DVD – for the purpose of entertaining men and women alike.

Most of the concepts associated with the term of gravure are related to swimsuits – one of the japanese people’s fetishes. But over the years – idols are depicted not only wearing swimsuits and lingerie but all sort of clothing.

And the idol fashion trend it’s quite impressive. There are a lot of colors that are used – most of them warm colors to go excellent with the environment chosen for the shot.

Next are some screens from one of Arisa Kuroda’s videos. For all you retards out there – listen to me. These DVDs are something far from being porn productions. It’s just a reflection of the female beauty. Non-nude videos if you ever saw one – you freakin pervert. Enjoy!

Bed shots became a cliche in this industry. Most of the idols have bed parts of their video works.

Cute and funny – 2 things that magazines are trying to say about idols.

The public has expectations so…I’ll let you describe for yourself this picture.

Significant drop in manga sales

One of the Japan’s most advanced industries, manga, it’s not what it used to be.

Recently, have been stated infos about a significant drop in manga sales,  which, for the artists and the publishers, is a very uncomfortable thing to hear. They realised that the public doesn’t react at their work [as they should] and this comes with the need of change.

For example Weekly Shonen Jump used to be sold in 6 millions copies each week back in ’95. This year, only about 2, 8 millions copies, informs us.

It seems that the public is going now on the characters profile, when buying a manga volume or magazine. Kadokawa entered this “character business” and they created characters to keep the audience up. But even with this, you cannot enjoy all the characters from the upcoming mangas, right?

Right! Because in a manga, you can have well-profiled characters, maybe exceptional ones, but in the end, it’s not important how a character is described but what he is capable to do. I say this because when I’m choosing a manga to read, it’s not because there’s a lovely teenage girl who likes to wear short skirts, but for the things she does, for her life-story. [but not everybody thinks like me]

And of course, because it’s a big industry, change is needed. I’m, personally, with the traditional manga, but because the world is moving so fast, manga is moving as well to a new evolution era. Manga will not dissapear, that’s for sure, but the public enjoying it is…

Maybe it’s because the artists creativity is getting low, maybe they prefer to watch anime instead, maybe because the “ero” and “moe” phenomenons are assaulting the industry, we don’t know for sure why people stopped reading manga.

7711_164910Elfen Lied-one of the best manga ever created

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And to end this article, I must say that if you are renouncing to manga for the sake of anime, you’re the dumbest motherfucker ever conceived…and for those who enjoy reading manga, make yourself a present, grab a volume!

Megami Magazine 12-09

Again, Megami Magazine still amazes us with this last 2009 issue.

We got 11eyes, Kampfer, Tu Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Setokai no Ichizon, To love Ru and many more on this one. If you’re not familiar with this magazine, you just have to know that it’s a monthly japanese publication, having articles related to the japanese media [especially bishojo characters from anime and games]. The magazine stands out through the large images and posters.

My fave from this issue: Kampfer

moe 102859 samplepicture by