All Eyes On: Maid Cafes

Here’s the deal. You’re looking for a nice hot cup of coffee and some really delicious snack.

You know this place that has now several years behind and people only talk good things about it.

But that’s not all of it. You know that once you get there, a beautiful world will open to you. You will have to enjoy every moment of staying there. Why? You still ask why after you chose to enter a maid cafe?

Yes, maid cafes, a place where every otaku feels like in paradise.

A warm welcome, a cute face and a great outfit are just here to make you feel important. Associated with the moe phenomenon, maid cafes are the best choice when you want to enjoy your favorite type of coffee.

There are different types of maid cafes: where besides enjoying a hot drink you can play different games, get into more social actions, know many types of maids (like the tsun-dere) who will not make you feel better for your choice.

But that is an isolated example. Those beautiful women dressed as maids must treat the guest with respect, to treat him like an honored guest. The high quality of the products and services come hand in hand. But obviously the beautiful scenery of maids makes this experience priceless.

Demonbane Al Azif x Inouetakuya

They say eroge inspired figures have a lots of fans.

This figure it’s pretty interesting for those who are into some chubby stuff.

What I like the most [besides…you know] are those red strings that she has on her arms and feet and even hair. The effect created it’s unusual.

I always loved the messy hair of a character or the outfit that doesn’t resume only to cover the body but also to take some more space.

And those red strings are something that I quite enjoy.

So, people you can have this next month for 9.333 yens. Pretty expensive.

If you got money you will surely enjoy this half-naked maid waiting for you to…have her..into your collection [don’t start thinking about perverted stuff, you little shit].

Kaichou wa Maid-sama 01

Anime Spring season is here…with more cute girls dressed-up as maids.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama is an anime adaptation of the manga with the same name.

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Success or not? Some folks would say that they had enough maids with Lady vs Butlers, some will enjoy this show too.

It’s not an ecchi centered anime and it’s not about embarrassing situations, but a kind of love story between two people. Or at least that’s what the first episode taught me [I never read the manga to know more about it].

Misaki Ayuzawa is the Student council president, she comes from a poor family, so she has to maintain a job. She works as a maid and she does her best trying to hide this from her classmates and other people from the school.

She is strong headed but also intelligent, ambitious and she never fears of taking responsibility. She always tries to do the right things and to help obtaining an organized and disciplined highschool atmosphere.

But even with this, she has a girly side and things that she never liked. When one person from her school finds out about the maid business, her world cracks [a bit and only in her mind]. She thought that everything she created will be now ruined, but that’s not the case.

Takumi Usui [the responsible for ruining her secret] is the popular guy that always rejects proposals and makes girls cry. But when dealing with Misaki, he tends to be protective and charming. At this point a relationship between the two of them it’s quite inevitable.

I guess I’ll start reading the manga, since I really enjoyed this first episode.