H.O.T.D. manga full color

Next spring the Highschool of the Dead fans will be enjoying the release of a four-volume full color version of the original manga.

If you didn’t knew about this already, let me state that HOTD is one of the best manga series turned into an anime that hit the market this year.

Set in a violent zombie apocalypse environment, a few students take this as an opportunity of proving that you can still remain human in extreme conditions.

HOTD was also appreciated for the…uhhmm, female characters and the perverted side of getting things done.

But the zombie killing action was more than enough to gather thousands of fans. With nail-guns, katanas, bamboo sticks or elaborate rifles and shotguns, our heroes managed to survive in this hostile world.

The manga was great but a full color version will make it exceptional.

Yomeiro Choice vol. 3

Before reading this you might wanna see the Volume 1 Review and the Volume 2 review. This way you’ll understand better the concepts of this manga.

I’ll remind you that this manga is one of the many harem-fanservice-ecchi ones who are an illustrated adaptation of women being used in different context of social living.

This volume still has surprises for the reader. A new daughter came from the future to..ahem..do a certain painful thing to her father.

This first part brings Cerulea into action. She has to change the present in order to keep her life happy in the future. The artists always thought of happy endings for every situation – so this one will be exactly the same.

After losing weight with Ran-Nee, spending a day at the beach and helping Kozue to regain her felling for him, our hero ends up in a bunny cafe.

Of course that comedy follows us everywhere as we see the young boy spending money on hot bunny-dressed girls.

In the end everything works fine for our characters. Even if these 6 female characters have to fight between them at certain points – it looks like they are able to live happily together.

The volume taught me that being able to share your love for several persons shouldn’t make you feel uneasy about some of them. You can appreciate everybody. Because the first two rules of love are friendship and understanding. With these two, you can gain the respect of your partner.

All Eyes On: Yuri

Welcome to a brand new series of articles – related mostly to the defined art of anime – in which you will encounter some interesting and useful facts about your passion.

So, today’s feature is one anime genre that I quite enjoy. Yuri – or the lesbian themed anime shows/manga volumes – you gotta love it.

In the Japanese media – anime – videogames – movies or TV shows – the term of yuri can explain a woman’s love for another female at some different levels: sexually or emotionally. I mean most of the manga I read or anime shows tend to include both in the expression of yuri. Because attraction and lust is directly transferred from an innocent feeling. People try to put the sexually expression of yuri on the “black list” or the “sin list” – because they don’t bother to understand the starting point of it.

But love is the key to everything right?

If you didn’t read or watched yuri stuffed – you should consider trying it sometime, you’ll be amazed if you find out that you enjoy that stuff.

I recently checked out some one-shots and I saw that they are very, very different in expressing the yuri genre. One of them shows the girl love in a comic way – characters always wanting a kiss from their partners. They act strange and they end up doing stuff without second thoughts or remorse. You want something – you go for it.

The other one accentuated that beautiful feeling of falling in love – those moments when strange ideas cross your mind and you use your imagination to picture your perfect relationship with the one you like.

Personally I enjoy more the romantic side of yuri – but of course action intrigues me.

The fact of someone showing her/his feelings it’s more interesting. You can directly observe the evolution of that character – an action that implies a certain grade of spiritually metamorphosis.

Love reflected through art is a symbol of being human. If you cannot understand the least of it – you shouldn’t call yourself worthy of your own life.

Most of the people – true fact stated and demonstrated – enjoy yuri because of the sexually side of it. With all the mess and crap that you can find on the internet today – yuri started to lose its sense.

Associated only with hentai media – this genre it’s about to develop into a irreversible porn category. It shouldn’t be this way.

Yomeiro Choice vol.1

I’m not much of a manga consumer…but once in a while I read something. This morning, I woke up…feeling so gangsta…ohh…gomenasai…wrong story.

This morning I woke up and started reading the first volume of Yomeiro Choice.

This ecchi comedy was created by Tenkla. What he originally wanted to present in this manga was the burden of being a parent.

The story goes around a high-school student, who [nobody knows why] is very popular with the ladies.

Three of them are always trying to holla at this boy [O_0].

So, suddenly, some mysterious lolis appear from no-where. They are the daughters of Saku and the females that like him.

They came from the future to make sure that they will be brought onto this world. So, mommy and daddy..make sure you’ll create me.

At first this looks like another harem high-school mature manga, but the author also stated that we should consider the parenting part of it and not [only] the perverted stuff. I wonder what his assistants said when they helped out with this? [if he had any asssistants].

We also have some romance elements. And that makes me wonder…why almost every manga that implies a certain amount of romance must create females that would do almost everything because they are in love.

The boy just does certain things and the girls always agree to do that. It’s love all about pleasuring your partner? [some trolls would say that yes, others might say no].

It’s been a while since I’ve felt something for a cute young lady, so I cannot answer you honestly.

But I guess this is just a part of the manga-art.

Anyway, Volume 1 has 6 chapters, every presenting some perverted stuff. [I will not give you details…fucking wanka]. The best part of this volume was chapter 6 when Saku [our protagonist] drinks a potion that makes him younger…and he ends up being a baby again. Funny thing about it…codename: Boobies which means “Let me down”.

The manga has it’s bad and good parts. It’s every reader’s personal opinion. If you happen to read it…go deeper in the story…feel the art.

Significant drop in manga sales

One of the Japan’s most advanced industries, manga, it’s not what it used to be.

Recently, have been stated infos about a significant drop in manga sales,  which, for the artists and the publishers, is a very uncomfortable thing to hear. They realised that the public doesn’t react at their work [as they should] and this comes with the need of change.

For example Weekly Shonen Jump used to be sold in 6 millions copies each week back in ’95. This year, only about 2, 8 millions copies, sankakucomplex.com informs us.

It seems that the public is going now on the characters profile, when buying a manga volume or magazine. Kadokawa entered this “character business” and they created characters to keep the audience up. But even with this, you cannot enjoy all the characters from the upcoming mangas, right?

Right! Because in a manga, you can have well-profiled characters, maybe exceptional ones, but in the end, it’s not important how a character is described but what he is capable to do. I say this because when I’m choosing a manga to read, it’s not because there’s a lovely teenage girl who likes to wear short skirts, but for the things she does, for her life-story. [but not everybody thinks like me]

And of course, because it’s a big industry, change is needed. I’m, personally, with the traditional manga, but because the world is moving so fast, manga is moving as well to a new evolution era. Manga will not dissapear, that’s for sure, but the public enjoying it is…

Maybe it’s because the artists creativity is getting low, maybe they prefer to watch anime instead, maybe because the “ero” and “moe” phenomenons are assaulting the industry, we don’t know for sure why people stopped reading manga.

7711_164910Elfen Lied-one of the best manga ever created

picture property of mangavolume.com

And to end this article, I must say that if you are renouncing to manga for the sake of anime, you’re the dumbest motherfucker ever conceived…and for those who enjoy reading manga, make yourself a present, grab a volume!

Shin-chan creator missing

Yoshito Usui, [51], known as the creator of Crayon Shin-chan has been missing since Friday. The police has started a search operation but till now there is no evidence of where the artist might be.

Speaking of Shin-chan, I proudly say that this is the first anime I ever saw. And it was dubbed in german 🙂 then I saw it in my native language. Anyway, it’s sad that a person is gone missing and his family and friends are worried.


Yuria-100 shiki gets live-action

Yet another sex-comedy manga will get live-action movie. I’m talking about Yuria-100 shiki, the story of a female android created for naughty-purposes, as in “being a sex-slave for the master”.

But she gets “tricksy” and she runs away. That’s the story in the manga. The movie will surely have a changed plot. Anyway, new video material for the AV actress Fujii Shelly.

I’m not sure how good this movie will be, with the cast and all, but you know, now you can get money out of everything [related to porn].

Anyway, gotta check out the manga and read it. Obviously, not totally enjoy it!