Mario: 25th Anniversary

In 1985, September the 13th – was due to be released a video-game that would change the gaming world forever.

The japanese game-developer Shigeru Miyamoto had to create a character that would fit into the story of “Donkey Kong”. This was the first appearance of Mario – first know as Jump Man – in a video game.

This little plumber who has magical powers has become the most recognizable game-character and every game in which he featured was sold in millions of copies.

Why the success – do you wonder? Well, Miyamoto stated that his creativity and the hard work of his team and the possibility of using the latest technological products has launched this character in a world full of promises.

And he is right. I think that Mario is the only character that everybody in the world knows about. And Mario featuring games are still produced and are still amazing.

As a child I played Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo like a maniac – days and nights – weeks and months. I just fell in love with that Universe. It was the only thing that mattered then. It was easy to play – it was my first experience with the side-scrolling games and was a japanese product. So, my passion for Japan and it’s media products developed from back then.

Alright – now I should state some moments from my Mario sessions. I was impressed when I first took that mushroom and I grew up. As I observed the power to destroy bricks and so – I started to hit everything. That’s how I discovered secret coins and possibilities of making more points.

I always hated those flying fishes or what are they…because I always die when I’m almost at the end of the level.

That being said – I guess I’ll play some more today – to remember the good old days.


This article was supposed to be written a long time ago…

This will be about the early days of my gaming experiences. And of course that perioud was perfect for the Nintendo games…first games that I played.

I never owned a Sega console but a Terminator one…you know the Terminator 6.0 [most successful NES clone – having yellow cartridges].

These game consoles very pretty popular in central european countries in the 90s. I was like 8-9 years old back then…and the Terminator game console is the main reason I wear glasses these days. I fucked up my eyes staying all day long in front of the TV. Anyway…back to the subject.

I still spend many hours on gaming, but back then, gaming was something that every kid of my age was in love with. First thing I remember about gaming is that once I’ve put my hands on the console…the world was mine.

In the left you have an example of NES clone I’ve grew up with. The joypads were often poor-manufactured so every week I had to buy new ones. I think that the first game I ever played in my life was Duck Hunt [I’m not very sure]. Or it was another shooter…the one with the cowboys [hmmm]. Anyway…Shooters brought me into the world of video-games.

Next was Super Mario Bros…my all-time favourite game in the whole world. Remember that melody and the character…Mario Rocks!!!

Super Mario Bros is an arcade-action game…featuring two players: Mario and his brother Luigi. The game has 8 main levels with 4 sub-levels each.

I remember that I used to finish a game and continue with it like 3-4 times. Once you’ve completed the game..some of the enemies changed and you could play the game again. Super Mario Bros was extremely pleasant for me to play in the morning. I was up earlier than ussual and immediately I was playing Mario. Funny things is that even before I started to write this article I played this game till level 7. [using an emulator of course. I do not own a NES clone anymore].

Okay…about the other games I played. Well, names like Robocop, Tank, Cobra, Tom and Jerry, Dr. Mario became very popular in no time.

A game I really enjoyed was Double Dragon 2. The fighter that you controlled was sent in missions all over the world and you had to fight and fight with many enemies. Almost each level had a BOSS. I remember that when we were out, me and some friends used to talk about how we won that level and what we did next. Kabuki, another arcade-action game was pretty cool that time. The warrior had as the main weapon his hair.

One of the games I used to play using the two player menu was Tank. Each level had a number of enemy tanks that I had to destroy. [speaking of that I must search this game an play it again].

Besides the joypads..the Terminator game console had a pistol. Games like Duck Hunt and the other two western-themed shooters were played with this pistol.

Because the games weren’t originals but all of them pirated, they came in with a message: 999,999 in 1. Most of them were the same games with just a little bit of modification. Mario for example…had a Godmode game, a flying type game, limited lives and so on.

We used to borrow games from one another. I remember receiving a tennis game when I shared my Fifa ’98. Fifa got me from the first match I ever played. Spending many hours on this game was like a daily ritual for me. I was too good to lose a match.

Another game I loved was something related to a Ninja warrior. I had to climb up buildings and kill other ninjas.

Anyway…those happy moments are gone…only thing that I can do right now is to revive those games with emulators [something that I’ll surely do].

My childhood was great…and I fucking miss it!

HK Chainsaw Massacre

WARNING!!!! Some of you might wanna keep your children out of reading this article…because it’ll surely ruin their believes in some popular characters…also it contains some language that motherfuckers hate. But if you like this….I’ll be glad.

In our history, there are dark periods when the population confronted with some of the most sadistic things possible…massacres. We know how many people were slain in these kind of actions, in the past. Thousands and thousands died because of their lack of war-preparations or fighting skills.

We hoped that this is something that will be a mark of the past…but, my friends, we are very wrong. We though that evil will not be back in the same way…but it did…it took advantage of the cutest shit ever created [for some of you] and the stupidest thing [for me].

My friends, I welcome you to the Hello Kitty Chainsaw Massacre:

A group of people were enjoying a long trip to the evergreen land of Marioland. They saw pokemons and digital monsters playing all the way. It was sunny and no clouds on the sky but one in shape of a donut. Then another cloud in shape of a police officer came and ate the donut.

These people arrived at Mario’s palace. Here…a strange silence…then…screaming. They investigated and they realised only that Luigi lost a game of DoTA. He was kicking the butler but in the end he calmed down.

Mario welcomed these young men and women to his room. Here we could see all sorts of mushrooms. “When I enter a new level I must be high” said Mario while eating a mushroom, a big red juicy one. “This is called <<La pineta de la poosey>> “. It is very tasteful…and it makes you fly.

One of the boys tried to sit at the table and eat something but in that moment the head of the pricess came flying thru the window.

“OHH NO” said Mario, “Who will keep me company while taking a s**t now?”…we sense the sadness in his voice.

The our villain appeared…

“Hello!” said HK.

“Hello Kitty” everybody said.

“I’m here to kill you”.

“Okay Kitty…with what?” Mario asked.

“WITH THIS!!!” said HK showing them the chainsaw. Everybody started to laugh. Mario then said “What in the Donut Land is that?”.

“This is the mighty HK chaisaw…with this I’ll conquer the world”.

“No…you’ll not” said a strange was Lord Bowser. “I’m the one who will conquer the world”. Then a mysterious thing happened. HK touched Bowser with the chainsaw and he immediately transformed into a lovely cute looking pussycat.

“We are doomed’ said Mario. And he fell down on the ground.

[to be continued]

Well I tried to write something funny but in the end I managed to create a fan fiction…not my intention but this is it. Now I have too many ideas so I’ll continue this one another time, soon[er than you expect].

Mario Inspiration

When it gets to gaming..some ideas can be used anywhere…like character patches or maps.

It’s called creativity and it’s something that we really need.

Besides that..what I’m about to show you is something that you probably heard of…it’s called Mario…and it’s not that driver I hate :)). [Mario is his nick-name..his real name is U. F. – and he goes easy :))]

A couple of guys put some effort into creating a HL world that is pretty close to the Mario Universe. I played this map only for 15 minutes cuz the server was shutting down.

The green hills and the clouds…it brings out memories…when I first played Mario. [I just got this interesting idea of writing about my first interactions with the gaming industry…cuz I have a lot to talk about].