The Lost Worlds

Yes I deeply fell in love with the Lost World’s story and characters and all.

Yes. I am talking about Queen’s Blade and the amazing things it brings.

I tried to collect some of the book scans but it seems that I’m never putting my hands on all characters.

Scans? Don’t let’em talk about it. Like everyday something new shows up.

For example MiniTokio has a lot of them.

Wait. Didn’t I explained this before? No?? Okay…

The Lost Worlds is a game. A different game if you ask me. It’s a combat picture book game. It’s something that sounds really interesting but it’s quite hard to play it.

You have this character books (featuring the girls from the Queen’s Blade anime but also characters from other products – games like Samurai Spirits or Guilty Gears) with infos about the powers and attacks of the one which represents you.

By following a good and well-planned strategy you must fight with the other opponents til one of you ends up being the new Queen – as in victor.

There is an online version of the game – but I’m not sure how much this is related to the actual board game. You can check it out here – QB Game.

Far from being said – my favorite characters still remain the evil trio as you can see in the picture above – Airi, Melona and Menace.

You should try entering this universe too – it’s quite catchy.