Alodia Gosiengfiao

Danny Choo’s first episode of Culture Japan is now on Youtube – for those who didn’t had the chance to see it. And among the stars featured there is a sweet little cosplayer from the Philippines.

She is Alodia Gosiengfiao – she is 22 [born in March 1988]. She has a passion for Ironman – and besides that she is a gamer/cosplayer/model/anime fan/artist and pianist. She is interested in almost everything related to art.

Her success began in 2003 when she won the C3 Convention – when she wore a Final Fantasy X-2 costume. Since then she really made a career out of modeling. Because of her popularity and choice of passion – she is now one of the most influential women in the Philippines. I totally agree with that – mostly because of her way of life. She lives for her passion – and that is respectable.

You can follow her on Twitter or be a fan on Facebook. Also you can hit her official site for more cosplaying goodness. I used some of her pictures to create this slideshow. So all the pictures belong to their respective owners.

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About Culture: Japan – more details to be revealed soon.

Idol on Demand: Anri Sugihara

I’m not much into the “idoling” thing, but as you probably know and it is said that is healthy, I enjoy the view of most of the females I land my eyes on.

Today’s feature: Anri Sugihara. Yes – she is a real looker and I studied a little bit of her work. I saw some collections of her photo-shoots and I can say that colors make the best of her image.

Soft skin, cute smile, departure of innocence reflected, that is what fans/people interested are looking for into a gravure idol’s portfolio. You must be blind not to observe the tenderness of one’s girl involved in a lovely-to-ero photo collection.

Anri was born in ’82 and her fate brought her into the content of every Japanese men magazine.

You cannot say that you don’t like what you see…

Model Photo Shoot

The Sankei Sports publication announced that on September 26 there will be organized the 5th Model Bikini Photo Session.

For 7,500 yens, the participants can take pictures of 5 girls: Lio [24-Tokyo Model], Tomoyo Hoshino [18-High-school student], Kana Kanisawa [25-from Miyagi], Erika Kuroishi [25-from Ibaraki] and Kaori Mizusawa [21-Chiba Model].

Of course there are some restrictions related to the shooting-angle and recording the sessions.

12478986375Tomoyo Hoshino-photo by