Kosaka Kirino Wave Ver.

From the series “My Little Sister Cannot Be this Cute” for all moe-suckers, there’s been released the possibility of pre-ordering the figure.

Kosaka Kirino in a colorful bathing suit with interchangeable parts – well-proportioned, interesting facial expressions which stay true to the animated character and moeness all along.

The figure will hit the market in may 2011 and it can be pre-ordered on Hobby Search for 3230 yens.

Producer: Hokusho, manufactured by Wave.

Moe Day [part 1]

People from all around the world! Get ready for a party…because…this day…10.10.2010 it is the official MOE DAY!!

Japanese culture can impress you when it comes about explaining enjoying the little things. They tend to celebrate the most inexpressive things but which are useful and simple. We have celebrated different festivals related to different things. But now, it’s time to dedicate ourselves to the cutest and sweetest and the most beautiful things that exist: all that the moe phenomenon contains.

Now, an ample definition of this idiom would tell you that it’s a cliche when talking about anime/video-games female characters.

As you can see above all that is cute and apparently innocent it’s moe.

But this concept it’s not related only to the physical aspect of a character. The capacity of creating good impressions by acting “cute” in someone’s presence is also moe. If you saw “K-On” you know that the entire show goes like “moe, moe – kyun”. Cuteness overload. Perfect expression for describing what that show offers.

And it’s not the only one. And still, I have one question. Why do we have to celebrate moe again, when we already are celebrating it, with every show that we watch? The answer depends on what you feel when watching something. If you’re absorbed into it, you probably are involved in a fixed session of cherishing the plot, the characters, the messages..and honestly I’ve been through that.

Anyway, for those who really are into MOE, what can I say – enjoy it while it lasts 😀

[part two coming soon]

Guide: Yandere

Today’s lesson is related to an important aspect of the moe subculture.

When defining characters and creating a list of their traits – we can see that video-media, in general, offers a few models that we can see everyday, everywhere [if we know where to look].

One type of anime/video-game character that we can encounter is the yandere-type.

This protagonist is strongly dominated by his/her feelings. His/her emotions are overwhelming and because of this, tragedy could occur. The person we are talking about is crazy in love with another.

With a cute face and an innocence- suggestive personality, this character has two faces. The one that is used in public is not the real one.

For example, if you saw “School Days” you know that being heartbroken can lead to obsessive and desperate acts.

I know many things about this – because I had to deal with a case that implied death over love.

That shit hurts…but you know, he’s gone and she’s still here – doing all that’s wrong.

Anyway, back to our subject.

Even if the characters look harmless, they have an incredible inner-strength. They have a sick subconscious and their mental health is diminished.

So…did you wondered what could your girl do to you if you decide to end the relationship?

Hapee B’Day!

Well it seems that I made some time to write something while celebrating 1 year of JapFun. [even if I’m so terribly busy with work and shit]

And what’s greater than celebrating with alcohol…regular one…it is…….MOE ALCOHOL!

That it’s right. Be driven to your inner craziness by tasting and drinking and then abusing this anime inspired potion.

picture property of akibamap.info

I could use some of that right now – trust me – it’s been awhile since I last drank something and man – I’m in need!

So, being my blog’s celebration and all I promise to drink – tomorrow after I’m done with work!! UUUUuuuhh! I can’t wait…I can’t wait :))

Moe Club: Ako-Riko-senpai

You maybe heard about and seen KissxSis – a show in which the main female protagonists have something called a “brother complex”. Today I’ll talk about how moe that is and why this phenomenon has been applied to the show.

The story centers around Kei-chan and his sisters. Their relationship is depicted as being very, very close. They are not blood-related so they get involved in different, more intimate things. Just another way of proving that this show is 100% japanese.

The ecchi concentration is fortunately diminished by the romance elements that make the show more interesting and pleasant to watch.

So…why moe? Well in the construction of the characters, besides the visual aspect we can observe how cute they have to act. Doing everything for their brother – trying to achieve his feelings and constantly fighting for a place in his heart it’s something that the moe phenomenon is based upon.

Constantly cuteness and a lovey-dovey atmosphere – Kiss X Sis has earned a place in the Moe Club.

Moe Club: Melona

What makes an individual to become a fan?

It is a subliminal message, it is a direct one, it is some sort of strange and twisted way of understanding a concept or it is just “love” at first sight?

Probably nobody knows for sure what she/he likes. If you don’t get a good look at the product you can’t state exactly what you like and don’t like about it.

What makes a certain thing to be successful among the people who are the recipients? And more exactly what does a character [seen as a product] to become desirable?

Well, today we’re going to talk about this. Welcome to the Moe Club.

Today’s feature – Melona [Queen’s Blade].

Nowadays anime characters seem to be integrated all into this single big phenomena known as moe. Male or female characters [especially females] must have something cute about them. I said this once – artists love to create cute/beautiful/sexy/hot female characters.

The public [trust me] wants what? Cute/beautiful/sexy/hot characters.

Tell me what you first observe when you see Melona? Big bouncing boobs, a cute face and a desirable body, right? Do you like it? Of course you do you little motherf…[cough] friend.

Who wouldn’t love that face – I mean it has something about it – that makes the character [even is she is a villain – minion of the Swamp Witch] adorable.

The physical aspect – let me guess you perverted shit – is what you like about her right?

You may not believe what I’m saying but most male anime fans can easily find themselves here. I kinda find myself in here too – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

But too much moe it’s just wrong…Anyway since it’s the first Club meeting we let Melona go. She passed the test – and we need her just because of the boo…because she is a villain right?

[end of part 1]

International Saimoe League

As you probably know – The International Saimoe League it’s a competition organized in order to find out who is the public’s number 1 moe anime female character.

The competition has a very large structure with different voting sessions and a series of rules. You can vote for free – no account is needed. The thing you can obtain by doing this is that you can help you favourite character to come closer to the title of winner.

I haven’t get the chance to vote too much this year – but right now I’m on helping my two characters to gain points.

The next session [Ruby Period – Round 4] is approaching so here’s a sample of my next voting action.

Minami Chiaki
Furude Rika
(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)