Halloween Movies: Top 13 [part one]

With the Halloween coming up this weekend I realized I should start some articles regarding it. Here, in Romania we do not specifically celebrate this, even if we have some folklore involving those dark elements [Dracula, vampires, ghouls and other forms of the Undead].

We have the All Saints Day something similar to the Day of the Dead – when people remember their deceased ones – and they work on their graves – putting flowers and candles – saying prayers and remembering the period when they were alive.

As a Catholic I was raised to believe in a higher power – that there’s good and there’s evil. Of course I still go to church and I still have my believes – but I became fascinated by the dark side. So, in search for more info about it – I found myself into this crazy world of horror tales, movies and books. And trust me – it is quite interesting to see others and their perception upon evil.

That’s why – just like many others out there I’d like to propose a top of the movies that are welcome while celebrating Halloween.


13 – Stay Alive.

Why this movie? Because it has some local historical value throughout the plot. It’s a game – but not a regular game. If you die in the game – you die in reality too.

Stay Alive is set to the imaginary mansion of Elizabeth Bathory – who was a real personality – and as the folklore says – she did some nasty things. [An article about the Countess will be up soon]

Known as the blood Countess – she lived in the 15th century and she was a serial killer. The number of the victims is undetermined but speculations show that the number is approaching 600.

In the movie – she is the villain – trying to keep you away from her estate. In reality Elizabeth tortured and killed for blood bathing. She believe that blood could make her younger – even offering immortality.

Stay alive is a Halloween choice for the morbid atmosphere that the film presents. Join the characters through their horrifying adventure.

12 – Alien.

What would scare the shit out of you if not some blood-thirsty aliens.

A spaceship used for economical purposes receives a signal from a distant planet – apparently deserted.

Set on this primitive planet without any form of life-supporting environment but actually a good place for the creatures to hatch, the action is then continued to the spaceship where the adventuring crew has to confront the demons who managed to get in.

Alien is one of the best films I’ve seen – and every time I re-watch it – I’m still amazed.

Great action and great set of the story. The infernal battle just keeps the viewer’s mind occupied. A great choice for this celebration of the dark side.

[to be continued…]

Last Seen… [some update]

Been a while since I last talked about what I’ve seen lately.

Maybe too long to remember all the shows and movies that crossed my path. Recently I began watching Highschool of the Dead, one show that I dropped due to lack of time. I finished School Days, Queen’s Blade and Elfen Lied [again] and I’m about to start some ecchi shows [cuz I’ve been missing them].

With movies it’s another story.

I especially enjoy horror flicks – and zombie media. I re-watched the first three parts of Resident Evil before viewing Afterlife. It was quite good, but the 3D effects were not as awesome as I expected them to be.

I wasn’t impressed either by “The Last Airbender”. It had good animation, but the story wasn’t developed enough and it lacked emotionality. The soundtrack was good thought.

Then I passed onto some old good movies like “Good Morning Vietnam” – I never caught this one before and I was impressed how friends can become enemies over the night. And to be honest, the leading character was a genius.

Yesterday I had some fun watching Piranha. Well, it was quite good, despite the dark comedy porn that was meant to be. I mean, chicks are cool, naked chicks are great, but sadistic ancient piranhas are awesome.

Next I’ll watch a horror Indonesian film – something similar to the Grudge or The Ring. I love Asian ghost movies. That’s for sure.

Til next time, see ya.

2010 movies

Last night I was looking thru the 2010 movie list…and I can say I’m impressed. Lots of great movies this year. [pictures property of teaser-trailer.com]

Among the titles are:

The Wolfman

Dantes Inferno

The Crazies

Alice in Wonderland

Clash Of the Titans


Kick-Ass the Movie


Piranha 3d

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Iron Man 2

Robin Hood

Shrek 4

Prince of Persian: The Sands of Time

Karate Kid


Resident evil 4

Saw 7



Mirrors 2

Mortal Kombat 3


The Hole

Wanted 2


Quick update on my last seen movies

I know…I know…you don’t want to see this but it’s just my way of keeping an eye on my memory…sometimes I just forgot things that I don’t consider very important. Like this material…it’s just a quick update on my last seen movies. Cuz I do what I do but I also watch movies. So, no more posters on this one…cuz I’m in a hurry…have to play Half Life online 😛

I am legend
The hills run red
Flight of the dead
Friday the 13th
Hero wanted
The rocky horror picture show
Legion of the dead
Date Movie
The onion Movie

Saw 2
Saw 3
Saw 6
Perfect Opposites
Messages Deleted

It’s not much, considering the amount of time I have for doin’ this stuff. But now I’m busy practising in a TV studio, doing technical research and expanding my knowledge in TV studio work (soon a big material about this). Of course I still play, cuz I’m a geek 😀 and I watch several TV shows. So…why I’m wasting my time here when I have to do so much nerdy thangz???

See you later!

P.S. I forgot to add Jennifer’s Body on my list…guess Megan Fox didn’t influence me at all.

Movie Day

My passion for movies revived this week. I started to watch some TV series… Community, Lost [again], Smallville and The Good Wife.

Community is one of the best comedies produced this year, presenting a group of people from different social categories that end up in the same college. They are so different from each other, yet it seems they are meant to be friends and spend time together. Lots of funny situations and funny characters.

I’m sure you all know something about Lost, right? I just have to re-watch all the seasons till in february when the final season will be aired. Smallville is a little bit old but it has many seasons and episodes so, I just started watching it because I wanted to enjoy many hours on one Tv show.

And finally The Good Wife, it’s about the challenges that a lawyer can encounter in his/her career. It’s about a woman, mother and wife whose husband [ex-lawyer] is in prison because of a sex-tape that caused a big scandal. Because of this, his wife must struggle and fight for her image and reputation, dealing with all kinds of problems. It’s a very intensive drama and I like it.

Okay. This was just the TV series part. It was a long day today. I went to the movies with a friend to see Kate Beckinsale’s new movie “Whiteout”. I gotta admit: I love this chick. Maybe you remember her from Underworld I and II.

It was a cool movie…but the end sucked real hard. I mean all the action and mistery for just some 50 years old diamonds hidden beneath the ice? Ohh…ma bad..I never told you what the movie was about. It was about a murder that took place in a iced-deserted corner of Antartica. Kate is playing a marshall that deals with the possible murderer. Mistery, hidden personalities, dark secrets and a lot of ice and cold weather. But as I said the end of the movie was…not what I expected. Anyway, when I arrived home I wanted some more Beckinsale stuff and I’ve watched Vacancy.

First it seemed that it would be just another thriller with lots of scare the victim tactics. But after the clichee part was over [the engine of the car stops working] I realised that the movie was actually pretty good. Who though about placing some hidden cameras in the motel rooms and record all what’s happening there [murders and stuff like that]. It was a good movie.

Then I watched Vacancy II. Not the same actors but the same plot…only about the beginning of the shit. I truly had a movie day. Tommorow back to school so I should get some sleep…you know dreaming about writing a screen-play or something…zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz


So, how I spent my halloween…ohh it was terrific…fuckin’ great man.

I was at home and I watched some videos :))…That’s right, I gave myself a halloween present. First was Day of the dead…Romero original shit, good stuff.

It was the first time I saw this movie…I liked the idea of intelligent zombies and how they can remember stuff from their previous lives.

Then came Saw 2 and Saw 3. Then the american remake of One Missed Call. I can’t find my japanese trilogy of this film…dammit. Then I wanted to see The Eye but it was already too late. So I gave myself another present… A 7 hours good sleep :P.

Next year I have to do something different…gotta kill someone or at least pay a visit to the cemetery :))) [you retarded sick fucks don’t believe what I said in the last sentence…it was a halloween joke…corpse boy]

Last seen [part2]

This are the latest movies I’ve seen:

1.-X-men Origins: Wolverine [poster by traileraddict.com]

X-men Origins: WolverineThis movie presents us the very beginning of the Wolverine story. There are so many similarities with the game and I don’t want to ruin you pleasure of seeing this film by giving you any spoilers. It’s just another good movie.

2.-American Zombie [poster by horror-movies.ca]

American ZombieZombies are a part of the modern-day society. But nobody knows the truth about their annual festival. A film-making group will have the chance to get there and shoot some things that people should know. With every second, everything it’s getting risky.

3.-The Final Destination [poster by start-news.com]

The Final DestinationDeath surrounds us. It’s waiting for the perfect time to get it’s victims. Some unlucky guys at a nascar-racing contest will soon found out the real meaning of dying.

4.-Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind [poster by cyber-cinema.com]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindDo you want to erase the memories with the love of your life? Can you live without knowing the truth? Jim Carrey tells us the story of a couple who got problems and who are about to erase their memories of being together. Will they have the courage and strenght to fight with their love?

5.-The Blue Butterfly [poster by booksforchristian.com]

The Blue ButterflyThis is the story of a boy who got brain cancer and who’s last wish is to go to the jungle and catch a blue morph. An exciting adventure lies ahead of him. And in the end things will surely change.

6.-Ringu 0 [poster by static.omdb.si]

282408Remember the tragedy…remember the victims…remember their faces…remember the person responsible for this. The nightmare is just about to begin in Ringu 0-The birthday.

7.-Martyrs [poster by tiff.net]

MartyrsTorture is the main theme of this French horror movie. An association is studying the element of becoming a martyr, a special person they say, who is able to remain alive in extreme conditions and who has a vision of the life after death.