Utada Hikaru: Career Break

In everyone’s life comes a period when he/she really needs a break – a possibility of leaving everything behind – trying to experiment another sort of living – just getting away from all that is.

Utada Hikaru – renown japanese artist announced that she needs a break and she will leave the music stages behind starting next year.

Rumors about her plans started to make waves around the internet – but as she stated she is not going to leave the music universe definitely. She just need some time to reinvent herself.

Even when you are very good at something – and I can say that her music is amazing – sometimes [not always] you want to change something. Why be good when you can be great?

As for her words that announced us she will come back more “mature” – this statement only makes me think of 1 thing.

She would probably change her style – making her music more profound.

Anyways, that 1 million hits on her blog after announcing this says everything – Utada and her music are needed.

Point Of No Return

Art. We love it. We enjoy it. We need it.

Everybody is or at least should be interested in making his/her own life much interesting by getting involved into art. At this point we can speak about a simple hobby or a much sensitive aspect of one’s existence.

If it deals with sound – and has the ability to encourage someone to go on despite their problems – the person involved in this must know that only THAT matters – that only by re-experiencing those beautiful moments can truly proceed to the highest level of understanding music.

It is not like listening to the radio because you consider that this action might help you getting over your boredom session. It has to be more than that.

But maybe it’s not music that helps you find your inner strength. Maybe you’re like me, trying to get your knowledge on visual art to a level that can precisely be defined as a high-standard.

Photography or film-making – it’s your own choice – but it’s everybody’s delight.

The simple fact of recreating an idea on a screen has a deep, attractive meaning and it tends to express a certain degree of capability of causing emotional exposures.

Understanding a shot from a movie or an idea recreated in a photo brings the human being to the point of no return. Just like a financier should not stop the progress of a “potential” piece of art, everybody that enjoys a thing, no matter how insignificant it might be for others, he should not let his passion dissolve.

I recently worked on a seen movies list – and the number of the productions that captured my attention is coming close to 300. In my opinion I think that this number is very small compared to what the movie industry has to offer. I wonder how many good films I’ve missed and how many good films I’ll not get the chance to see.

But right now I’m at my point of no return. I know it is impossible for me to experience all that was shot for the screen til this moment but I’ll make this clear – no matter what happens – understanding movie-making and the products of it will be a part of my existence.

And that goes who all that have a true passion for something: books, paintings, photography, architecture and so on.

Just go for it. Because the real prize is the one you’re offering yourself. It is art. We need to make it a fragment of our continuance.

Chuckin the deuces

Houston we do not have a problem. At least not this time. But because it is related to Houston (Texas) I have to explain this.

Chucking the deuces means to greet somebody with showing up you middle finger next to the index one – sort of peace sign. It’s not that crazy otaku cheer sort of thing.

It’s just the new Chris Brown hit. I hear the song a long time ago but the official video I just saw today.

One word: Masterpiece. I mean the video it’s absolutely fantastic. I just love the concept and the dancing and the style.

The main idea that I got from this song is that you can be THE SHIT without anyone that should help you. Especially when you have a broken heart.

God I thank you that I am a RnB addict. And I thank you for my possibility of chuckin up the deuce now :P.

Last Night

I have a secret for you…last night like about 3.00 A.M. I went to bed.

And…instead of sleeping I enjoyed 7 hours of music…yup I did it again. Once in awhile I renounce at my beauty-sleep and find myself listening to music all night.

So…2 of the tracks that I really enjoyed.

And the next one stayed with me for about 2 and a half hours…

Recommended [part 7]

In my country the common [stupid-as-fuck] people have a problem when speaking about an artist being commercial or still belonging to the underground.

Lots of them really LOVE to state their opinions on who they hate and why some artists are better than others. But as a matter of fact, that it’s totally irrelevant. It’s still music and if one artist want to sound different and uses another type of music…it’s his choice.

One of the songs that brought that debate up is the next one. This artist, a rapper, happened to embrace the club-r’n’b style not so long ago. It still sounds great and has nice collabs…but you know…motherfuckers think that they are better when talking shit about it. Maybe even you belong to that side.

People forgot about music…It’s time to wake them up to reality…Listen to the track bitch!

Recommended [part 5]

Let’s just say that I madly fell in love with this song. It’s the opening theme from “Dance in the Vampire Bund” one of the best series of the season.

Performed by Nakano Aiko.

And another great song is the well-known “Lilium” – main theme of “Elfen Lied”.

This is the only song that can really relax me. I don’t know if it’s the voice, the lyrics or any other element…but Lilium is and will be one of the best songs ever created for an anime show. [speaking of EL, I gotta re-watch that].

The song is written by Kayo Konishi and Yukio Kondō. Enjoy!