Suicide at a young age

I always wondered what makes a human being feel so low, so desperate in order to take extreme measures and end her life. It came again into my attention that an 8 years old japanese girl hanged herself, mostly because she was bullied at school.

Of course that the principal and other students denied everything – but I’m sure that those notes with dark messages didn’t appear from nowhere on her notebooks. I don’t think she refused to go to school just because she didn’t feel like it.

And of course that bullies will never cease to make one feel miserable mainly because this makes them important.

Anyways as sad as it is, a family was destroyed – and the people responsible still live even they don’t deserve it.

A young girl is now lost – because I’m sure that heaven it’s not waiting for her. How someone can be so mean in order to deposit his/her cruelty into another person’s soul. Don’t you feel remorse, pity, don’t you realize you’re only human and what you’re doing is wrong?

I guess not you filthy scum. But I’m sure that Hell is waiting for you, motherfucker!

New blog

Okay – – now it’s official.

Speaking of my new video-related project, I will not post those articles in here, but on my new blog.

It is called VideoConsumer and you can access it here – Click me!!!!

I hope that I’ll manage to write as much articles as I’ve written in here – and many, many more.

Til now I posted only an introduction to the site [maybe when you see this there are another articles there] and I’m thinking about what should I write next. So, please follow that blog, comment, try to like it – if you do not do that [I don’t give a fuck to be honest].

That’s all I have to say.


Okay, in here I’ll talk a bit about myself and the conceptions that define me.

I always tried to be the same, not to change and become a fuckin hater, but those that surround me just made this impossible. A couple of days ago I was asked what type of media I consume. I can’t say exactly if this was the first the time I was asked this, but I guess was the time to answer that too.

So, being just me I said that I prefer IT and Gaming media. So, some bitch thought that was funny or stupid or something, so she started to laugh at me. Retard cunt…whattafuck is with that reaction?

Man, I’m so fuckin tired of those losers and idiots that do not own a brain but they think with their intestines. If you are a fucktard just shut the fuck up, you hoe.

Anyway…after listening two weeks of exclusive japanese music I tried to get back to my romanian artists. Romanian rap is best if it comes from the underground. Today I listened to many, many tracks and I can’t get enough of it. Right now, while I’m writing this I’m still listening some good shit.

New Project [featuring one of my friend, my lil’nigga M.]. It’s called “The MG Experiment” and it will be powered by wordpress. And of course it will have the same taste and two authors [Additer-that’s me bitches and ma boy Noseslegio]

Starting today I’m beginning to work on some visual media related articles. I guess I’ll post them in Romanian and English. Movie-making is still one of my favorite things to talk about and to study.

So, you didn’t find anything interesting in this post…well, you can go and fuck yourself with an Assault rifle! Excuse me if I’m being too subjective.


Besides being fucking stressed-out by the exams I got this week 😦 and besides the fact that I got too much to do in a very short perioud of time 😐 everything is fine…

I just heard that I have more materials to realise for the sake of passing this semester 😦 and I have to learn stupid shits that I’ll forget in about five seconds after my exams.

I started to read Aki Sora manga…first volume is finished…5 chapters of ecchi siblings. Kids these days :)). Yes I also began to watch Chu-Bra [first two episodes] and Kimi Ni Todoke [soon a material about it]. I saw the third episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund…the show is amazing.

What else…let me think…I plan to play some DoTA soon and hope that everything related to school will be fine. Now back to watching some vids, after a long study session 😦


Two 13 years old japanese female students jumped to their deaths from the roof of a car park on Sunday. It was a suicidal act brought up by bullying at school.

In Japan it is said that bullying is a real social problem. Most of the students affected by this, end up killing themselves. Just imagine the scene of those two last bullying victims, holding each-other when they jumped. It’s so sad…

Even with so many victims, till now, there is no way to stop bullying. It’s not present only in Japan, but everywhere, but the main difference is that in Japan there are too many bullying cases.

Do you fit or not into the group? That’s a major problem when talking about bullying. Most of the bullies do what they do because their victims seem to be weak. I, personally, can’t remember being a victim of bullying and I never did such things, but I fear when I see a little boy or girl, doing and saying crazy shit to others. WTF it’s wrong with them?? Huh?

On the other hand, it’s the japanese educational system’s fault too, by teaching the children to always be organized as a group. And when you’re bullied and all alone in that group, you surely end up doing crazy things.

The last two victims of bullying were two young. Yesterday began a newΒ  term in Japan’s schools, but unfortunately, those two students will never see again the school’s benefits.

Bullying…so damn sad!

BullyingThis is a bullying scene from the “Mondai no nai watashitachi” film translated as “We who have no problems” -picture by