Arrested for Uploading Anime

Well, piracy it’s still illegal, if you ask most of the people.

Recently, a women aged 42 was apprehended for uploading on a FS [file-sharing] network episodes from Mitsudomoe and other titles.

Piracy is considered to be a crime by law and it reduces the value of the released products. Japanese authorities are not friendly when it comes to talk about violating public interest and copyright.

I’m sure that even if they say that the users of that FS system can hide their info, the police can easily hack, decrypt infos and track down users – just like this case. She will be punished accordingly, only because she was not aware of what she was doing.

They say that you cannot live from making anime [artists are very poor-paid] and if nobody buys the product, companies start to fall apart. This year a lot of companies broke-down or fusioned with others just to remain on track.

I know money is an issue here, but if you can, just buy the DVDs. It feels great to have the originals.

Japan and the gaming piracy

Even if it’s hard to believe…gaming piracy it’s not a solution for those that live in Japan. A survey shows us that most of the gamers prefer to buy their games. Of course, the prices differ from country to country but still, the gaming industry in Japan will not suffer because of the piracy.

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15,5 % of the gamers say that they use to download games and then play them. 7,1 % claim that they used to do this and [unbelievable] 77,4 % prefer to buy the original games. Of course, nothing compares to that feeling of putting your hands on the CD/DVD with the game you’ve waited for such a long time.

About the platforms that are mostly used by the japanese gamers, we have in top 3 the Nintendo DS, followed by Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii. The PC it’s situated on the 17th place. Also the 14th place is reserved for the X BOX 360.

I do not know exactly what types of games the japanese gamers prefer but it surely has to do something with the RPG elements and sweet anime girls [most of them]. Gamers use to play at home and in traffic [on the bus, train]. Gaming is also practiced when going outside. Imagine sitting in the park with the latest hentai game on your DS’ screen. Nice, isn’t it?

[via What Japan Thinks]