Still Alive

I was at work while I listened one of Anigamer team’s podcast covering the Sony at E3 and the announcement that amazed me was that next year we will be glad if we are still alive because as you know the cake was a lie…

I’m taking nonsense – nope – GLaDos it’s still alive and because of that we will be enjoying Portal 2.

So, overwhelmed by memories about Valve’s hit Portal I started to play it again – and I didn’t stop til the credit song.

I don’t know why, but I really really love playing this game over and over again.

It’s just something about the way of playing demanded by the game itself. It’s not some usual FPS that you hurry up finishing it.

NO! For example, every FPS I play must bring me the opportunity of thinking my way to the next checkpoint. I love exploring even if it’s not on the mission list – God knows how must time I spent exploring while playing only Left4Dead.

I’m not that kind of game freak that enjoys only a few game names. Obviously I have my favorite games that I enjoy playing many hours. But I like experimenting everything.

But while playing Portal, I became one soul with the game. I suck it all up, it gives me energy, it makes me want more, it makes me feel amazing. Of course this is a joke, but it’s not a lie. I have today’s gaming session as witness.

I can’t wait to see more exceptional Valve creation and I really want to get Portal 2. When the right time comes…

Portal Update

A while ago I wrote an article about Valve’s big hit Portal [3d action-puzzle game].

Recently there has been brought to life an update that consists in 26 energized radios.

So, you can explore all the gameplay again in order to find these radios. I found very interesting this article on PC Gamer Blog where there are some few hints about the messages deciphered already:

Interior transmission active
External data line active
Message digest active

System data dump active
User back up active
Password back up active

When correctly activated the radios sound like a boot-up sequence for a system [I mean it has to be GLADOS – she is still alive – you see, I was right when I said that the cake is a lie]

So, this brought up the idea of a Portal sequel…which is something I really want to become reality.

Free Games [part 2]

Speaking of the devil…did you knew that there’s a fan-made free flash version of Portal?

The basic story is the same. You have to use the Aperture Device in order to open portals and reach the exit.

This flash version has 40 levels, each of one offering excitement and the possibility to think of a solution.

We have lots of elements that can be found in the game [the boxes, the energy balls, the impenetrable walls]. So people, can you reach the last level? See how good you really are by following the link below. This game is awesome so enjoy!

Click to Play Flash-Portal


One of the best Valve’s creations was Portal. A SF puzzle where you have to use portals in order to continue your journey.

Welcome to Aperture Laboratories. Here is the place where the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device was created.

This device allows you to open portals in order to reach areas that normally you cannot.

The area that you have to explore is the “Enrichment Center”. 20 levels of think-and-do action. This First Person puzzle features some of the best ideas brought into a puzzle game.

Some levels are very easy…some require some thinking.

What’s really interesting about this game are the choices you must make and of course the Momentum. As we all learned at physics [even if we do not know that anymore] the momentum is the product of the velocity and the mass of a certain object. In our case it’s you..or me…or whoever is playing.

The protagonist is a female named Chell. If you happen to open one blue and one yellow portal near you, you could see the protagonist.

picture property of

About the momentum…as the rule says “speedy things goes in, speedy things come out”. Momentum is what we use in order to gain speed necesary to reach a difficult area. You have just above you a portion where you can open a portal. Next to you is a hole. You jump into that hole and open another portal besides you. Because of your speed, you will come out very fast. If you are slow when entering a also will be slow when coming out.

Other important elements are the objects [the boxes] you can use to open doors, the turrets and the computer AI [GLADOS]. This Genetic Lifeform And Disk Operating System gives you hints about the level you’re in that time. As you approach the final level, you’ll see that this system will try to kill you.

The most spectacular thing about this game is the final level and the BOSS fight and the ending. It’s a must-play game and it will even have a sequel. [Portal comes with the Valve’s Orange Box].

Next you can listen the ending theme of Portal. And try to remember…the cake it’s not really cake…it’s a BIG LIE! GLADOS it’s still alive.