This 27 levels brain teaser it’s just perfect if you want to solve a few puzzles that connect your thinking with the virtual gravity perception.

You can play it for free here.

Platformation is what I call a perfect evening – mind game.

It’s pretty easy if you pay a little attention to the environment.

You cannot get stuck on many levels but only one demands extra skills – level 24 I think. This level demands quick reflexes if you want to avoid the spikes.

But it’s pretty easy and fun – Platformation was developed by 4Horsemen Studios.

Amazing NDS game

I didn’t see this til today – even if the game hit the market last month. This is a puzzle-adventure game that features extremely great 3D effects. As you will see in the video below – when you move your console, the environment in the game changes accordingly to the used angle.

The game’s name is Rittai Kakushi E Attakoreda (Hidden 3D Image: There It Is!). And it is AWESOME!

Portal 2

Recent rumors about this game involve a PS3 version of the game.

Til now, it was announced that Portal 2 will hit the XBox 360, PC and the Mac.

I guess that it could be produced for PS3 since there will be an Xbox version.

Portal 2 will be a sequel to Valve’s hit Portal a SF-FPS Puzzle game. GLADOS is still alive – I told you the cake was a lie, didn’t I?

Portal Update

A while ago I wrote an article about Valve’s big hit Portal [3d action-puzzle game].

Recently there has been brought to life an update that consists in 26 energized radios.

So, you can explore all the gameplay again in order to find these radios. I found very interesting this article on PC Gamer Blog where there are some few hints about the messages deciphered already:

Interior transmission active
External data line active
Message digest active

System data dump active
User back up active
Password back up active

When correctly activated the radios sound like a boot-up sequence for a system [I mean it has to be GLADOS – she is still alive – you see, I was right when I said that the cake is a lie]

So, this brought up the idea of a Portal sequel…which is something I really want to become reality.

Free Games [part 1]

For those who love puzzle games…you must try this one.

Shift it’s a put-your-lazy-brain-to-work puzzle game, in which you have to cross different levels using your ability to shift.

You have to turn the area upside down in order to reach the safe door. You have a timer of course [but as the game says…timer it’s a big LIE]. I don’t know if that is really true. Anyway…it’s very cool and at least you must do something that human beings do not do anymore…and that is to THINK.

I always loved puzzle games because I have to think for a solution…and no matter how many times I’m wrong…in the end I’ll pass. So folks…you can play it by click the link below.

Play SHIFT here