Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos

The Japanese media tends to trust hand-held devices – probably this is the main reason the consoles get attention – and more than that, most games are developed for these platforms.

It is the case of Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos – which looks like a promising RPG – with a bunch of developed stories – fighting modes and an armor-destroying system.

Inspired by the visual combat books and the later anime adaptation – Spiral Chaos follows strictly the story of the Queen’s Blade Universe.

In a world where’s terror, violence and social differences seem to be the key of judging others – everybody needs a ruler.

This is why they need a Queen who must be older than 12 – wise, beautiful and brave, powerful and fearless.

The Queen must be determined by battle – so we have a lot of warriors wanting to affirm themselves.

The official site –  PSP Queen’s Blade – has character info sheets for 20 of the girls used in the game. And you already know them from the artbooks and the anime series.

Being a RPG – the game lets you the pleasure to choose how to continue playing. You can explore a lot, bringing characters closer to each other. Strategy is a part of how you can win.

The armor destroying system – is what can be called a sexy battle mode – because by destroying clothes – other things can be revealed. This sounds so Queen’s Blade.

The game presents elements of visual novels – lots of dialogues due to the interaction of the combatants.

Being an RPG – you can develop your character – repair or buy items – you can use skill points – assuring your victory.

But in the end – the fun consists in expressing beauty. The QB series were meant to attract through the females presented in there. The game does the same.

The site also has some wallpapers if you are interested. Just follow the link – QB Illustrations – and enjoy.

Moe Club: Melona

What makes an individual to become a fan?

It is a subliminal message, it is a direct one, it is some sort of strange and twisted way of understanding a concept or it is just “love” at first sight?

Probably nobody knows for sure what she/he likes. If you don’t get a good look at the product you can’t state exactly what you like and don’t like about it.

What makes a certain thing to be successful among the people who are the recipients? And more exactly what does a character [seen as a product] to become desirable?

Well, today we’re going to talk about this. Welcome to the Moe Club.

Today’s feature – Melona [Queen’s Blade].

Nowadays anime characters seem to be integrated all into this single big phenomena known as moe. Male or female characters [especially females] must have something cute about them. I said this once – artists love to create cute/beautiful/sexy/hot female characters.

The public [trust me] wants what? Cute/beautiful/sexy/hot characters.

Tell me what you first observe when you see Melona? Big bouncing boobs, a cute face and a desirable body, right? Do you like it? Of course you do you little motherf…[cough] friend.

Who wouldn’t love that face – I mean it has something about it – that makes the character [even is she is a villain – minion of the Swamp Witch] adorable.

The physical aspect – let me guess you perverted shit – is what you like about her right?

You may not believe what I’m saying but most male anime fans can easily find themselves here. I kinda find myself in here too – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

But too much moe it’s just wrong…Anyway since it’s the first Club meeting we let Melona go. She passed the test – and we need her just because of the boo…because she is a villain right?

[end of part 1]

Queen’s Gate gets figure

Well, it seems that Queen’s Blade characters are no longer a good start for making figures. Because most of the characters have several version – painted and repainted – the series Queen’s Gate – visual combat books – could improve someone’s collection of figures.

And we have Alice – one of the participants to the tournament. Manufactured by Kaiyodo, the figure will hit the market this September. Pre-orders are out. The price of the figure is 2.900 yens.

Wandering Warrior Reina

This September, figure collectors will get the chance to put their hands on this Queen’s Blade Reina character with some adjustments and improvements.

The complete name of the product – Queen’s Blade Wandering Warrior Reina 2P Color Vers. The changes are the gray hair and the black outfit – totally different from the anime version.

The figure it’s produced by Daiki Kogyo and it will cost about 13,000 yen.

If interested you can pre-order the figure here: Reina Figure.

The Lost Worlds

Yes I deeply fell in love with the Lost World’s story and characters and all.

Yes. I am talking about Queen’s Blade and the amazing things it brings.

I tried to collect some of the book scans but it seems that I’m never putting my hands on all characters.

Scans? Don’t let’em talk about it. Like everyday something new shows up.

For example MiniTokio has a lot of them.

Wait. Didn’t I explained this before? No?? Okay…

The Lost Worlds is a game. A different game if you ask me. It’s a combat picture book game. It’s something that sounds really interesting but it’s quite hard to play it.

You have this character books (featuring the girls from the Queen’s Blade anime but also characters from other products – games like Samurai Spirits or Guilty Gears) with infos about the powers and attacks of the one which represents you.

By following a good and well-planned strategy you must fight with the other opponents til one of you ends up being the new Queen – as in victor.

There is an online version of the game – but I’m not sure how much this is related to the actual board game. You can check it out here – QB Game.

Far from being said – my favorite characters still remain the evil trio as you can see in the picture above – Airi, Melona and Menace.

You should try entering this universe too – it’s quite catchy.

Moehaku 2010

Moehaku 2010 edition brought into attention lots of car and motorcycles designs, but to be honest, that wasn’t the main attraction.

Beside the car-show there were lots of cosplayers that became [NICE and slowly] the main reason for being there.

Like somebody said, maybe, most of the visitors/photographers, were there for this hot cosplayers that gave the opportunity of seeing new real-life characters.

Don’t tell me you still prefer that motorcycle even after seeing that Melona-doll.

Such amazing…skills. This type of event it’s a great opportunity to start your photographer career. I mean, all these cosplayers – while you’re engaged with them on a photo session – they offer you exactly what you’re asking for them.

That if you’re not a scared bitch and block when seeing them. It’s not just one time when I read that someone became shy when seeing a cosplayer and couldn’t ask for various poses. Damn…and I don’t know how to do to get into a cosplay show…