Guide: Love Plus

Alright people. This is a major issue now – not only an otaku-related phenomenon. It’s something that intrigues and something that asks questions. Is it normal or it’s not – to see into the depths of this issue – they say. Well, I say let’s take a good look at what we have in front of us and then decide.

Love Plus

Once upon a time when gamers loved to spend time with their favorite characters and guide them through whatever came their way. A time when princesses were meant to be rescued, when magical items were meant to be found and delivered to the greatest warlock of the universe, a time when simple people could become heroes by engaging themselves into battles against the dark forces. They all sound like cliches – but they are in fact the true nature of people’s mind. Simple people with great imagination were able to create fantastic stories and events that happened to be loved by many many others.

In 2009, Konami released in Japan a Nintendo DS game called Love Plus. A regular dating simulator, loved by the individuals who often are called otakus. But not this simple after one college student, fell madly in love with one of the characters and married her. <[O.0]>

That’s right. Love Plus was never meant to be just a regular dating sim. It is a phenomenon – clearly able to start a revolution – a revolution of virtual love.

The creators chose a link between the human world and a virtual Universe and they linked them – so good that people started to live in the fictional world.

With lots of choices – you can engage in a serious relationship with one of the virtual girls.

Many people played and enjoyed this game. But many were taken away from their reality and now are captive in a romantic fictional Universe where they can lead their fantastic relationships as they want.

A different version of the game called Love Plus + brought more content, more choices and more fun. I say fun because playing games is always fun. But some people over-enjoying it – live in it – basically do whatever they can to get closer to what the game can offer. I never played the game but I read lots of articles regarding it. Recently the creators were awarded for the Excellency of this game. And this tells a lot about the game.

Another prize that Love Plus received was for its romantic side. A Romance category award is something that you encounter very rare – I don’t know of any other titles that received this prize.

With the upcoming sequel of the game, the 3DS version – people expect greatness. The only thing that many hate is that the game has only a japanese version. The amount of text and information in game is enormous and not even fans could come up with a translated version.

Anyway – hopefully people will understand that a game it’s just pure fiction even if it is great. So, if you read this – don’t marry your console or whatever :)) Get real bitches. It’s worth it :))

Frozen – Perceptions

I’ve heard bad things about this movie. So I had to try it. Now, I believe that those fools who said it is a low-budget crap have two options: they gotta admit being fucking retarded or they don’t know shit about movies.

Frozen is: intensive, mind-creeping – a movie that will make your bones tremble.

The story centers around three life-chalenging, snow-sporting lovers that end up left alone on this ski-lift.

It is night, it is very cold outside and more than that, nobody knows that they have been abandoned there.

In this situation, the first thing that comes into someone’s mind is to panic. Yup, a healthy dosage of paranoia to fuck up your mind and to give you the chance to make all the possible mistakes.

When you are not thinking clearly, you have to calm down first, in order to pass a problem. But most people cannot do that.

[Spoiler]One of the group’s members suggests that he should try to jump and go for help. UnLucky bastard. He only brokes his both legs and ends up being mutilated by wolves. No big deal. [Spoiler Ends Here]

The others have a little more to endure. The though of being captive up on a deserted mountain is now like a dark fairy-tale. And, the end is not what I expected.

Anyway – fuck all who said that the movie is not good. [Chucking up my deuces now]

Yomeiro Choice vol. 3

Before reading this you might wanna see the Volume 1 Review and the Volume 2 review. This way you’ll understand better the concepts of this manga.

I’ll remind you that this manga is one of the many harem-fanservice-ecchi ones who are an illustrated adaptation of women being used in different context of social living.

This volume still has surprises for the reader. A new daughter came from the future a certain painful thing to her father.

This first part brings Cerulea into action. She has to change the present in order to keep her life happy in the future. The artists always thought of happy endings for every situation – so this one will be exactly the same.

After losing weight with Ran-Nee, spending a day at the beach and helping Kozue to regain her felling for him, our hero ends up in a bunny cafe.

Of course that comedy follows us everywhere as we see the young boy spending money on hot bunny-dressed girls.

In the end everything works fine for our characters. Even if these 6 female characters have to fight between them at certain points – it looks like they are able to live happily together.

The volume taught me that being able to share your love for several persons shouldn’t make you feel uneasy about some of them. You can appreciate everybody. Because the first two rules of love are friendship and understanding. With these two, you can gain the respect of your partner.

Shikinami Asuka Langley – Apron Vers.

Yes – indeed you can enjoy some new Evangelion goodness.

Manufactured by Wave and developed by Yozo Ogawa – this figure brings another note of fan-service in anime series. As you know many characters have a thing for girls cooking. And I can say that in real life the same thing is available.

But wearing an apron over your bra is definitely something anime-inspired. You could observe that in different series. Just ToLoveRu crossed my mind right now.

picture property of hobbysearch –

She looks sweet, with a bit of madness reflected – she seems like she’s going to use that tool as a weapon. Pre-orders are available and the figure will come out in January next year. You can have it for 3825 yens.

Who is “Salt”

What would you do when you’re a Russian spy whose identity is almost blown? What would you do when you’re told that you’re about to assassinate your country’s president and not only. You probably would do like Salt – take action.

Salt is Angelina Jolie’s latest movie. Action combined with a list of great actors – a recipe for transferring the cold world of politics into a bloody do-or-die experiment.

Being a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) has made a name for herself when it comes to interrogations.

She was trained to crack almost every detail of a possible bad guy. But when CIA is informed that she might be a Russian spy – she has to escape.

We assist to a very fictional parkour-like session of Salt trying to save her life.

The movie offers details about how someone has to put his career over any of his/her personal consideration, even family life.

Angelina’s performance was great – at least for me and other fans. You should try and take a ticket for this movie.

Dreamfall: The Longest journey [part two]

I would never guessed this…my adventure playing this game took me to….Japan. That it’s right. But only during the gameplay 😦

So, Zoe ends up in Japan trying to get to her friend. A very cool atmosphere is depicted here. Despite the botspiders that fry you – and the grumpy persons you can find here.

But it has some cool aspects – if I may say – the puzzles are quite easy to solve – or I’m just too smart for this game. Except for those musical hieroglyphs I didn’t have any problem solving all the puzzles. Hacking and breaking codes – putting all the pieces together, obtaining all the necessary items, talking to the right people – I’m doing fine playing this game.

What I really like about this game is the environment and of course that feeling of getting the chance to see again all parts of Marcuria: The JourneyMan Inn, the Streets, etc.

And surprise – we get Crow once again into action. And his humor never ceased to exist.

But enough of this. The story brings back Zoe to Marcuria and she meets April, who has to save her from the prison. I’m currently in the 11th chapter so soon the story will end. I wonder what my reaction will be after seeing the final chapter. I surely hope it will amazing…

Shrine Maiden of Paradise – Hakurei Reimu

A new figure from “Touhou Project” will be released this September.

From what I understood this figure has a few alternate versions, different colors. Now the sculptors voted for a purple outfit with some bluish elements and of course a red scarf.

if it comes to this than I should mention that maybe another color [orange or candy-red] would go great instead of this day-to-day purple.

But obviously I like her expression.

And the atmosphere she is meant to create. With that big smile portrayed on her face she should bring happiness to you – if you don’t cry over the amount of money that you spend on her.

The figure costs 6.800 yens. But fans would do anything to own her, right?