Thoughts on Doom 3

I just got back into the real world after a 10 hours long gaming session – time in which I was involved in killing demons spilled from hell – very Doomish if I can say so.

I was playing Doom 3 for the second time. Right now I’m at the Delta labs sector 4. I can’t wait to arrive in Hell [my favorite level in this game].

So, what’s my take on the game? Besides the atmosphere [very morbid] and the scary sounds [it freaked me out several times today] I could say I like the plot. I like the details that help understanding the origins and the purpose of the villains. Every element has a story of itself. Nothing is random.

Very hot killing action in this game. Everytime you think that it’s safe to move on, something will appear in front of you trying to rip your head off. I mostly enjoy killing the zombies. With the chainsaw. Nothing it’s more sweet than using the chainsaw in combat.

The zombies are really slow [Romero style] so you can easily kill them. I mostly had problems with the Zombie commandos [they are a real pain in the ass].

But I had fun. And that’s all that matters for me. I guess next time I’ll talk about the rest of the game. Hell awaits…

Half Life 2 – Perceptions – part one

Okay, okay – stop it. Because Gordon is back. Well, back on my blog and my mind after spending almost 7 hours playing Half  Life 2. It’s the first time I play this game and probably not the last. Cuz being a magnificent game it already told me that it should be replayed someday.

Story: After the Black Mesa incident, Freeman accepted the G Man’s proposal. We now see Freeman in action. Set in the almost deserted City 17 on a strange Earth, the story talks about Freeman trying to reach some old friends, non-player characters that were seen in the previous HL games – Calhoun, Kleiner and also new ones – the cute Alyx Vance.

After reaching the checkpoint [chapter 2 starts] Gordon Freeman gets his suit and the famous crowbar. Let the battle begin.

Enemies: The first part of the game you will encounter a lot of scanners and man hacks. These flying things can and they will harm you. Scanners do not take life power from you but they put you in disadvantage when they blind you. Man hacks can harm you with their spinning blades.

The guards of City 17 are called Combines. They’ll be seen through the whole game.

My favorite enemies – zombies and headcrabs, each having three different species. The zombies make quite some crazy and scary noises. The crabs can jump on you from nowhere, making the instant kill impossible sometimes.

Environment Interaction: You can talk to different people and you can grab many many things. Just use the interact button to pick up small things. When you receive the gravity gun from Alyx, you’ll manage to manipulate larger things [boxes, furniture, etc].

The graphic quality is awesome. This futuristic scenery impresses me.

The environment is very well defined and everything seems Half Life themed. I say it once more – it’s a great game. Stay tuned for the part two of this article.

Still Alive

I was at work while I listened one of Anigamer team’s podcast covering the Sony at E3 and the announcement that amazed me was that next year we will be glad if we are still alive because as you know the cake was a lie…

I’m taking nonsense – nope – GLaDos it’s still alive and because of that we will be enjoying Portal 2.

So, overwhelmed by memories about Valve’s hit Portal I started to play it again – and I didn’t stop til the credit song.

I don’t know why, but I really really love playing this game over and over again.

It’s just something about the way of playing demanded by the game itself. It’s not some usual FPS that you hurry up finishing it.

NO! For example, every FPS I play must bring me the opportunity of thinking my way to the next checkpoint. I love exploring even if it’s not on the mission list – God knows how must time I spent exploring while playing only Left4Dead.

I’m not that kind of game freak that enjoys only a few game names. Obviously I have my favorite games that I enjoy playing many hours. But I like experimenting everything.

But while playing Portal, I became one soul with the game. I suck it all up, it gives me energy, it makes me want more, it makes me feel amazing. Of course this is a joke, but it’s not a lie. I have today’s gaming session as witness.

I can’t wait to see more exceptional Valve creation and I really want to get Portal 2. When the right time comes…

RG – American campaign in COD

RG – Retro Gamer presents:

COD – Call of Duty [as you probably know the 2003 game of the year and the first to introduce the concept of WW2 reality into gaming].

The first campaign features 8 missions.

You will experience what field combat means after you’ve done your training.

Get ready soldier because many lives depend on you and your skills.

These missions will take you from your training zone directly to the warzone.

You end up in the town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise where you’ll have to clear the area from German troops. You’ll have to kill many soldiers, destroy anti-aircraft tanks, you’ll learn how to use both American and German guns.

The fourth mission gets you into some crazy drive-n-shoot action. You’ll find yourself behind enemy lines with just two soldiers to cover you. It was my favorite mission from this campaign along with the rescuing the British officers one.

3 words description of the game: lots of action. It’s impossible for you to stay and think when German troops hunt you down and tanks kill your comrades.

You can see the list of the missions you have to complete but also you got to be fast and think before you choose how to accomplish your goals.

I prefer the close combat. It’s more efficient even if you can take damage. But being near the enemies make your mission easier. You just get into their area and start killing them.

I can proudly say that I finished the campaign without restarting any mission.

So, what’s your take on the game?

Portal 2

Recent rumors about this game involve a PS3 version of the game.

Til now, it was announced that Portal 2 will hit the XBox 360, PC and the Mac.

I guess that it could be produced for PS3 since there will be an Xbox version.

Portal 2 will be a sequel to Valve’s hit Portal a SF-FPS Puzzle game. GLADOS is still alive – I told you the cake was a lie, didn’t I?


Welcome, welcome, welcome…

I almost decided to stop writing on this blog but because some people find it useful…I said what the heck…must keep this alive. So…a new challenges 😀

I’m a gamer so I though that I could try something that I really loved from the beginning. That’s right…my all time favourite FPS…Half-Life.

I play like everyday on multiplayer..but man…when it comes to Black Mesa…Gordon Freeman and the Xen…everything changes.

As you probably know…Half Life is set on a large Science Complex. A failed experiment allows creatures from another dimension, the Xen, to enter the human world.

As Freeman, the only one who can put an end to this mess, you must fight and survive, in order to understand what is going on…and to find what is controlling the other dimension.

Zombies, mutants, crazy soldiers…must kill’em all.

I just finished the game, again, but I’ll continue to play with other people on some of my favourite servers.

Hmmm…thinking about that…catch you later…must score some kills now :P.

Let’s have some fun [episode 5]

Today’s feature…a simple and short FPS: Delta Ops.

The game features 11 missions, including the tutorial. From abandoned ruins to underground secret tunnels and desert army depots, we all have to go and destroy the terrorists’ plans.

An important thing about the game is that you ussualy have to make your way thru an army of enemies that can’t stand in one place. They are always moving like crazy, here and there, even the ones in the towers. So grenades are difficult to use agains human enemies. But because there are no other enemies besides humans, you’re only strategy is to approach and eliminate them.

One strategy that you can adopt during gameplay, [even if that’s not your objective], is destroying of the environemnt. Tents, outposts, towers, with just one click, you can call for a rocket to be launcehd or you can use the grenades.

One of the best missions and of course my favourite is The Refinery. The map seems a little bit complicated, but in the end it’s a simple task. Lots of enemies crawling everywhere, so you have to be careful. Even if the character you’re playing has lots of life force, still too many damage will cause the restart of that level.

Sometims, the terrorist seem stupid. I mean you approach them and they run away :)) and the same thing goes with the citizens. They start to scream or they follow you. And if you kill them, you have a good chance to fail completing the level.

Some of the other equipment you have are the binoculars and the night-vision glasses. Still, night vision can be fucking your mission if there’s a source of light near you. You’ll not see anything and you’ll end up killed, just like it happen to me, few times.

And a score for this game I could say that 7 out of 10 points. I love FPSs but if they offer me much more excitement when it comes to plot.