Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor 01

The spring anime season brought back some fighting action teamed up with ecchi elements and anime girls. Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor – the battle for being number one it’s still going on.

Meet Bachou Mouki, a first year student at the Ryoushu Highschool. Being the aggressive type but also still a girl, she is seeking revenge. Her purpose is to avenge her brother Kansui Bunyaku who was killed by Sousou Moutoku.

She [just by herself] attacks the students where Sousou is the leader. Even in his absence, she doesn’t stop kicking everyone’s butt.

It seems that Mouki will not stop until she will accomplish her goal – to see Moutoku dead –  “I cannot get back empty handed…until I avenge my bro…I’m not going anywhere” – she said.

She uses her temperament to talk ill about Sousou, fact that will cost her.

Ikkitousen was far from my favourite series and I don’t like very much this show either but, because I was curious to see if that Ikkitousen spirit it’s still in the show, I tried it.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama 01

Anime Spring season is here…with more cute girls dressed-up as maids.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama is an anime adaptation of the manga with the same name.

picture property of fanpop.com

Success or not? Some folks would say that they had enough maids with Lady vs Butlers, some will enjoy this show too.

It’s not an ecchi centered anime and it’s not about embarrassing situations, but a kind of love story between two people. Or at least that’s what the first episode taught me [I never read the manga to know more about it].

Misaki Ayuzawa is the Student council president, she comes from a poor family, so she has to maintain a job. She works as a maid and she does her best trying to hide this from her classmates and other people from the school.

She is strong headed but also intelligent, ambitious and she never fears of taking responsibility. She always tries to do the right things and to help obtaining an organized and disciplined highschool atmosphere.

But even with this, she has a girly side and things that she never liked. When one person from her school finds out about the maid business, her world cracks [a bit and only in her mind]. She thought that everything she created will be now ruined, but that’s not the case.

Takumi Usui [the responsible for ruining her secret] is the popular guy that always rejects proposals and makes girls cry. But when dealing with Misaki, he tends to be protective and charming. At this point a relationship between the two of them it’s quite inevitable.

I guess I’ll start reading the manga, since I really enjoyed this first episode.

A bit of…Spring

Since my new attempt to change…there will be a major change also in the structure and quality of my articles.

Today [like any other day] – a full day, with good and bad things – but still sunny and warm, made me realize that the spring has began. And how can you celebrate this day without thinking about the revival of the nature.

From a dark-colored landscape, everything evolves to a colorful, enjoyable, full of life scene. In Japan, from the end of March til the end of April, the people celebrate Hanami. This event is related to the revived nature, because it consists in “enjoying the flowers” that began to appear. You probably know that the cherry and ume blossoms are the main characters in here, at this moment.

picture property of endaxei.com

Like every year, when spring appears I usually like to be near a forest, with all the fresh grass and trees surrounding me. Nothing but a quiet environment, sun, cold drinks, fresh air and no stress. The weekend is coming fast, maybe I should do this thing 😛