Half Life 2 – Perceptions – part one

Okay, okay – stop it. Because Gordon is back. Well, back on my blog and my mind after spending almost 7 hours playing Half  Life 2. It’s the first time I play this game and probably not the last. Cuz being a magnificent game it already told me that it should be replayed someday.

Story: After the Black Mesa incident, Freeman accepted the G Man’s proposal. We now see Freeman in action. Set in the almost deserted City 17 on a strange Earth, the story talks about Freeman trying to reach some old friends, non-player characters that were seen in the previous HL games – Calhoun, Kleiner and also new ones – the cute Alyx Vance.

After reaching the checkpoint [chapter 2 starts] Gordon Freeman gets his suit and the famous crowbar. Let the battle begin.

Enemies: The first part of the game you will encounter a lot of scanners and man hacks. These flying things can and they will harm you. Scanners do not take life power from you but they put you in disadvantage when they blind you. Man hacks can harm you with their spinning blades.

The guards of City 17 are called Combines. They’ll be seen through the whole game.

My favorite enemies – zombies and headcrabs, each having three different species. The zombies make quite some crazy and scary noises. The crabs can jump on you from nowhere, making the instant kill impossible sometimes.

Environment Interaction: You can talk to different people and you can grab many many things. Just use the interact button to pick up small things. When you receive the gravity gun from Alyx, you’ll manage to manipulate larger things [boxes, furniture, etc].

The graphic quality is awesome. This futuristic scenery impresses me.

The environment is very well defined and everything seems Half Life themed. I say it once more – it’s a great game. Stay tuned for the part two of this article.

Still Alive

I was at work while I listened one of Anigamer team’s podcast covering the Sony at E3 and the announcement that amazed me was that next year we will be glad if we are still alive because as you know the cake was a lie…

I’m taking nonsense – nope – GLaDos it’s still alive and because of that we will be enjoying Portal 2.

So, overwhelmed by memories about Valve’s hit Portal I started to play it again – and I didn’t stop til the credit song.

I don’t know why, but I really really love playing this game over and over again.

It’s just something about the way of playing demanded by the game itself. It’s not some usual FPS that you hurry up finishing it.

NO! For example, every FPS I play must bring me the opportunity of thinking my way to the next checkpoint. I love exploring even if it’s not on the mission list – God knows how must time I spent exploring while playing only Left4Dead.

I’m not that kind of game freak that enjoys only a few game names. Obviously I have my favorite games that I enjoy playing many hours. But I like experimenting everything.

But while playing Portal, I became one soul with the game. I suck it all up, it gives me energy, it makes me want more, it makes me feel amazing. Of course this is a joke, but it’s not a lie. I have today’s gaming session as witness.

I can’t wait to see more exceptional Valve creation and I really want to get Portal 2. When the right time comes…

Chuckin the deuces

Houston we do not have a problem. At least not this time. But because it is related to Houston (Texas) I have to explain this.

Chucking the deuces means to greet somebody with showing up you middle finger next to the index one – sort of peace sign. It’s not that crazy otaku cheer sort of thing.

It’s just the new Chris Brown hit. I hear the song a long time ago but the official video I just saw today.

One word: Masterpiece. I mean the video it’s absolutely fantastic. I just love the concept and the dancing and the style.

The main idea that I got from this song is that you can be THE SHIT without anyone that should help you. Especially when you have a broken heart.

God I thank you that I am a RnB addict. And I thank you for my possibility of chuckin up the deuce now :P.

Drinking Boys

Well, this is something I can’t quite explain. And that because 1-I didn’t understand the hidden messages there, 2-hopefully I’ll never end up doing similar things and 3-I’m NOT GAY!

I happened to come across this YT link with a very demotivational video.

I do not speak japanese [but I wish I could] so I didn’t understand what they are saying [except the Drinking Boys parts].

A group of people start to dance in a very strange way. Besides that they are naked and they’re covering their private parts with some reddish fan-like objects. I can’t understand what is the meaning of that video. Is it some twisted way to attract people into doing the same thing or it is a gay party failure? I’ll let you to decide.

Movie-Making: Rule of Thirds

One of the most important rules when taking a photo or recording a video is to respect the rule of the thirds.

As you can see in the image below, this technique splits the image into 9 parts.

picture property of photo96.com

Before I went to college and get myself into more deep visual art study, I used to place the subject of the photo/video, right in the center. It’s very amateurish to do this. Now I know that the subject is better placed on one of the dots created by the splitting of the image.

As you can see, the bird it’s not in the center but in the left part of the image. This thing offers the viewer more information about the theme of the picture. We can see where our subject is placed, we can see an important part of the landscape and it feels that the image can “continue”. We easily can imagine what’s going to happen after this shot. Because of the position of the subject, it will move from the left to the right. If the bird is on the center of the image. we cannot say exactly what’s next.

The same goes with filming. You have a subject or several subjects and a landscape/studio background. It’s irrelevant to shoot the subject and the upper part of the scenery. The shot is then split in 2 parts…annoying (as in extreme…the same thing with placing the subject in center). So, what you must do is taking a part of the floor, the subjects and then a part of the background. Very easy and very useful. Next is a video tutorial from YT explaining the rule of the thirds:

I’ll come back with some photo examples of mine showing the right use of the rule of thirds. Till then, be sure to take better photos and shots.

Youtube HD

Dear users of Youtube, you now have the opportunity to watch 720p and 1080 HD videos on the site. That’s right, TV quality on Youtube.

Of course this comes with very good things, but also bad things.

I say bad for those who have a fucked-up internet and they have to wait A LOT to be able to see a video [if it works and doesn’t stop every second].

You also must have Flash Player 10 or later, istalled on your PC.

All this being said…let’s enjoy our improved favourite site.