Highschool of the Dead – 03 – review

Trouble brings only trouble…and those in need of help can forget about it…they’re doomed.

The third episode of HOTD learns us why some people just deserve to die and why is the main reason for the human kind to be punished.

Evil – that’s why. Evil human nature and the joy of harming others. Man can use power to obtain what he needs. Man can use his power to bring down others and to make things go just the way he likes.

Man is evil – in life and even after death. This episode shows us that even when you have you’re friends close, some trouble might come your way.

We see the protagonists trying to escape the zombie hordes and to leave the high-school in order to search for other survivors. The thing is that they found survivors but do they really deserve to be saved…I guess some of them are not. No more details – just watch the episode.

Highschool of the Dead

On the day everything came to an end…I killed my best friend…and held the girl that I liked for the first time.

I can say that my dream became true. When I first heard that the Highschool of the dead manga will get an anime adaptation I knew that it would be awesome – and the first episode really got me.

We have ecchi, we have fanservice but most important we have gore and zombies…lots of them. Very graphic zombie killing action – lots of nasty sounds of heads being smashed – meat being ripped off the bone and scary moans. And speaking of sounds – amazing thing – we can listen to something similar to 28 Days Later theme – In The House – Without  A Heartbeat.

The characters are living these moments in constant fear – they didn’t understood from the beginning the danger of this event. Zombie Apocalypse – something that will inspire many many good productions.

A very good and well constructed first episode – you gotta see it.

28 Days Later comic vol. 1

[warning – spoilers ahead]

Here I am with my first comic read. And because I’m addicted to zombies and killing them…I went with a comic that I never thought it existed. 28 Days Later – inspired by the movie with the same name.

So, what made me go reading a comic – well, the site GeeksOfDoom have many comic reviews and because I loved some of the articles and some of the comics presented there, I said I should try reading one.

So, 28 Days Later, volume 1. We know the story of the “Manchester Trio”. They traveled a long way in order to survive and to find a refugee camp.

Here is where the comic begins. Selena is approached by a reporter who asks for her help. He wants to get back to Britain.

As we know, Selena had a tough time trying to get out of that place and the idea of going back it’s not something that she planned for. But in the end, she will accept the offer.

The chopper that carries Selena, the reporter and a few military guys is attacked. They have to land in order to remain alive.

So, they find themselves nine miles far away from their destination. Just a few moments later they come across some infected. Here’s where the best part of the comic begins. Selena uses her machete in order to kill the zombies.

A very impressive first volume. Stay tuned for volume 2 review.

Diary of the Dead – FanEdit

When great things come out…people ussually do whatever it takes to get in touch with them. So, this month was released an Extreme FanCut version of Romero’s Diary of The Dead. And it’s fantastic. Myself, I always loved the amateur-like shot scenes, because they are more than just a part of the movie, but the most important parts that create a connection [even if it’s still fiction] with the real world. Take Blair Witch Project for example…which is quite good and nobody knows for sure if it’s a fake or not.

So Romero used this idea of commom people recording the Zombie Apocalypse and he managed to create Diary of the Dead. Then came the fans who edited it making this movie more exciting. But you have to see both versions to truly understand it’s magnificence.

George A. Romero and Uwe Boll are my favourite directors. Both of them created movies in which you can picture yourself as a character…that makes you wonder why some fans helped to the fancut.

What is new in Romero’s film is that some scenes that weren’t important were cut off and instead the fanedit came with “real” footage of zombie-inflicted incidents.

Here’s a list of cut-off parts and new ones.

New: Opening scenes

New: Position of gas-masked police entering apartment block to mirror opening of Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Cut: Michelle Morgan’s narration in entirety

New: Technical difficulty sequence

Cut: Michelle Morgan acting badly in winnebago

New: Recorded earlier sequence

New: Out of control sequence

You can see the entire list of changes here: DOTD

Romero used the slow-kind of zombies in most of his movies…the fanedit scenes present these villains as quick killing machines…you don’t want to get into their way.

So, this article inspired me to think of a Zombie Apocalypse one in the near future…so stay tuned for more info.

Zombie Media

Okay…being a fan of zombie themed games/movies I often observe some similarities between the products. It’s also the case of 28 Weeks Later and Left 4 Dead 2. The movie and the game are more related than you know. Let me give you some details.

Valve hit the gaming universe with the zombie-themed FPS – Left 4 Dead. They said that “28 Days Later” was an important element in creating this game. Like the movie has a sequel, also is the game. And the story about similarities repeats itself.

2 days ago I re-watched this masterpiece. Like the poster says..it’s better than the original. Why? Because of the plot and the action and the elements related to the game. After playing some Left 4 dead 2 I was able to concentrate on certain aspects. One of them was the behaviour of the infected. Like in the movie, L4D 2 presents hordes of zombies trying to kill everything in their way. When they spot a victim and get that person down, 4 or more zombies like to engage in a hurting action. The game expresses the same thing. When you are down, even the moves of their hands is similar to those in the movie.

Okay..second part. The flames. Zombies that still try to atack even on fire. It’s on the movie..it’s also in the game. My favourite thing to is is to put those motherfuckers to follow the scent of the Boomer’s bile that I throw in a fire. They blindly go to that place. So, you get multi-zombie killing.

Like in any zombie movie or game…weapons are the most important. Sniper rifle, shotgun, assault rifle…anything can work best against the enemy.

Another similarity was the Joy-Ride scene. Left 4 dead 2 has an fantastic map in which the survivors must face the hordes in a Joy-park [we have all sorts of mechanical machines…rollercoasters, etc].

Well…there isn’t a 28 something later movie part three…but the sequel to the second game was annouced as I recall. The creativity of the game designers must be now put to an use. I just hope that the next game will be even better than the existent ones.

This is why I’m into zombie media…I’m preparing myself for the zombie Apocalypse.

SAS: Zombie Assault

I think this is the best online game I ever played. SAS: Zombie Assault is a zombie themed shooter, where you control the player that must kill all the zombies that come to hunt him down. I personally made it just till wave 17, when I was brutally butchered :))

Zombie Assault is different from the other flash zombie games. You have 6 main weapons, the pistol, M870 shotgun, MP5N submachine gun, L85A2 assault rifle, AWM sniper rifle and the MAG machine gun. What makes it different: the possibility to repair the barricades and also to upgrade them. Another element is the effectiveness of the weapons. Also the possibilty of shooting multiple enemies at once. [I shot 5 zombies once with the shotgun].

Life is the most precious thing you have in the game. If the zombies get to hurt you, you’re gone. There is also a sequel to the game, but I prefer playing this one. So if you’ll excuse me, I got some zombies to kill.

Play it here!